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Uniters Warranty

Do not purchase a warranty from this company!! They are terrible and will find any way possible to deny your claim. Square Trade is an amazing warranty company- Uniters is deceptive and fraudulent.

I spent over $600 on an outdoor sectional for my patio, so I decided to go ahead and spend $97.99 on a 5 year warranty from Uniters- it is supposed to cover accidental stains. I accidentally got paint on my sectional, so I filed a claim. It was denied twice, and both times their explanation contradicted my claim- it was as if they had not even read my claim. I spent hours on hold on various days, and when I was finally able to talk to a "supervisor" I was told their warranty will not cover the body of my sectional. IT ONLY COVERS THE CUSHIONS. Are you kidding me? Who would knowingly spend nearly $100 to cover cushions that will need to be replaced before 5 years anyway?? I asked if I could be refunded the cost of my warranty, and they told me take it up with Wayfair... because Wayfair should not have sold a warranty to go with my sectional.


Uniters Warranty
Uniters Warranty

Scam! Uniters “pure promise” warranty from vcf

-This company is not legitimate -The products that they peddle through third parties are a Scam! -Dealing...

Worrynomore Warranty Scam

I purchased an area rug and the Worrynomore 7 year warranty from the Macy's rug gallery. Several month'...


5-year useless warranty

Purchased a sofa from Wayfair (Bond by Klaussner) in 2017. Wayfair asked if I wanted 5 yr warranty "for...


warranty service

Bought a protection plan and has a claim placed. when the service tech arrived he stated that he would be ordering what was needed and would be back to repair our sofa. I am now told by that they have closed my claim stating that it is a manufactures defect and that t in not covered. What is the purpose of even buying this service. WHAT A SCAM.

warranty service

two piece sectional

Yes hello there .. I am currently waiting on spring and spring clips for my sectional but I am asking please for a reevaluation on my sectional..
When the tech pulled back the lining thete were 2 cracks and a huge separation "break" plus bad springs and spring clips..
The very nice gentlemen kept putting one screw after another into the frame trying to fix the seperation"break" as I stood there and watched as he tried to fix it..
The cracks in the frame was not addressed and the seperation"break" is still popping and cracking..
I and my family and others who are wood workers are asking for a reevaluation of my sectional ... we all believe that the frame is damaged beyond repair .. with the 2 cracks and the number of screws thrown into the seperation "break " that it has further weakened the structure and that it is beyond proper repair and we all believe and according to your 5 year warranty that the sectional should be replaced with another sectional due to the damage..
Please I would very much ask for someone to come and reevaluate the sectional with me and two other wood workers to be present at the time of evaluation. .
The tech left with not securing the bottom frame and the lining not secured back into position due to waiting on the springs and spring clips in which I agreed with until I found out a week later that it would take anothet 4 to 8 weeks even longer before I received them and then waiting another week ..maybe two before the service tech came back out..
But this has been a neverending struggle to fix this sectional that I warranty I have paid dealy for ...
I thank you for your attention to this matter..
Have a nice day ☺

motorized lay-z-boy recliner

Simple flange broke that took 10 mins. to replace. What made the easy become impossible was the wait on a...

furniture warranty

I filed a claim to have my furniture repaired. The intial claim was denied because I gave an incorrect date of when the furniture was broken. I was advised to put the claim in with the correct date. A technician came to my house without anything to repair the furniture and began to ask me if I had supplies to fix the furniture. When I told him no he said he would have to return to fix the furniture. I received an email after that stating the furniture could not be repaired because the furniture was damaged when I purchased it. The fun I tire was purchased in 2015. I would not have kept the furniture in my home that long without repairs. I also called and complained because of the repair guy that was issued the work order did not have any supplies and I was told that no one had record of the guy coming to my home which is very dangerous.
I spoke with a supervisor that was very rude and not concerned. Her name was Adriana H. She advised that she would send a email to her supervisor Brian F regarding the matter. Adriana advises she didn't have any information on anyone else that I could speak to outside of their Nevada office. I feel I am being taken advantage of. I purchased a warranty service that clearly isn't working for me.


I filed a claim in March for a broken sectional of the couch. I sat on it one day and the frame broke. I reported it that day and didn't have anyone reach out to me until July. From July to Aug I had 2 different people come out to inspect the sectional after we already sent in over 100 photos because they continued to ask for them. I got a letter in Sept saying my claim was denied because I didn't file when the damages occured. I filed the day of. The letter said I could dispute with a written request only, the ORIGINAL sales receipt and a copy of my warranty. I tried to get someone to call me back for over a month to get a copy of my warranty to send into the warranty company . This company isn't a warranty company. They contract out your work and then refuse to cover the repairs.


I was sold a warranty to outdoor chairs. The chairs have actual breakage in the metal portions and they...

furniture warranty purchased through retailer

This company is a scam and should not be allowed to do business in the United States. Their protection plan...

motor went out on sofa, denial protection and unethical behavior.

On 08-05-19 at about 0809 salesck25918165 was discuss with call center Rep. Daysi concerning the motor not working on recliner. She was rude and refuse to transfer to a Supv to file complaint about warranty and her behavior. 2 1/2hr of being on phone with Jeanette, Aneca, Jam& Iglin, they refuse my warranty and very unprofessional would not connect to Supv. which is a customer right. Called Macy's and was given this information when explained my situation. Would like to be contacted Millette Jones [protected] and the claim is in my parent name Mrs. Willie Mae Mckenzie and have been given permission on your recorded line to handle issue. I am her daughter. I only wish you would listen to your recorded line and educate your staff how to treat a customer.

warranty service

We called this company due to we have a warranty for our sectional. We sent the pictures which shows the...



DO NOT waste money on this bogus warranty. It is not useful at all. I spend more time calling them than I ever did for studying and working. They will try their best to not give you warranty benefits. They authorized full replacement for the dresser but the store does not carry similar dresser at all so they do not have any alternative for this issue. What's the point of having warranty if it's not useful.

stain removal warranty

I fill out a claim on Jun 6th 2019. This clam (C2185620) was regarding my white leather sofa that got wine stain. I bought this warranty because they told me if they were not able to remove a stain, they even replace the part. However, They only sent me a $5 kit to remove the stain. It did not work. I called them to follow up with them for next steps. Also I upload more pictures for better understanding of the situation. After two weeks they responded to me with an email. They denied my clam because of scratching on the leather sofa. They told me because leather has scratching they are not able to remove the stain and scratch will not cover by warranty. However, any leather sofa after 4 years of regular using will get scratch and they should know that. THEIR WARRANTY IS FOR 5 YEARS. Also, they did not talked about scratching when I bought the warranty. They told me no matter what the remove the stain. They are scam company.

This is their email that responded to me:
Dear Amir, Greetings while we make every effort to accommodate and satisfy our consumers, we are unable to service your claim for the following reasons:

Based on the information you reported, you have an accumulation of damages on your furniture. Accumulated damages are not covered. Please refer to your protection plan for specific coverage and exclusion information.

Based on the information that was reported, you have cracking/peeling on your furniture. Cracking/peeling is not a covered. Please refer to your protection plan for specific coverage and exclusion information.

macy's worry no more protection plan

BEWARE, stay away from this company as well as buying the plan from Macy's
They have been giving me the run around, you can never speak to anyone and then they close your file and say you filed it after the warranty expired or they do not even respond to your claim and then when you complain they say they need you to send pictures- I sent them pictures 5x.
Beware, Beware fraudulent company.
I will be suing Macys for selling me a fraudulent policy

leather sectional

I put in a claim for the items that I purchased and the customer service is horrible. They want to argue with me about the repair that I said I need and they clearly have not been trained how to defuse a situation. I even escalated the issues to the supervisor Shendell and she just gave more attitude than the previous rep. Why would I purchase a warranty just to be declined every time I have an issue. This was a complete waste of $300. They said the warranty does not cover the bubbling or cracking and peeling on leather. Well what did they expect when this is the item they sell.

recliner/warranty service thru macy's

placed numerous inquiries about my recliner not working. 1st claim started in january 2019. still not fixed, haven't heard a thing. WILL NEVER EVER buy a "worry no more" warranty again. terrible terrible company! buyer beware! company online never answers questions, promises they'll be there, states will take 4/8 WEEKS to get part! still waiting, then says have to call back to have technician install it! my recliner is at a recline position for 5 months! REALLY!!! totally unacceptable! NEVER get a warranty thru macy's for furniture thru "worry no more" EVER!!!

  • Updated by cb33 · May 30, 2019

    purchased a recliner warranty from macys. purchased one b4 and all was good (years ago) got another warranty from uniters thru macy's 2017 and have had nothing but headache ever since. what a rip off! don't waste your money. filed a claim in january, still have a recliner that is stuck in recline mode, still waiting for part! 5 MONTHS later! will never ever purchase a warranty from this place, buyer beware! waste of money and time!

uniters warranty

Please do not waste your money purchasing this warranty. I have included 2 pictures with this review. One is where my daughter spilled cherry Dr Pepper on the sofa cushion. The other is after I tried to immediately clean it with the Pure Promise cleaning kit I received when buying the furniture. I was instructed in the store that if I ever spill anything on my furniture, to clean it with the kit first, and if that didn't work, call Uniters to have it cleaned. As you can tell the cleaning kit just pushed the stain out, making it look way bigger than the original stain. There was also some spilled on my ottoman, and I tried to clean it also and that stain also turned out even bigger.

A tech was already here fixing my stitching on my sectional downstairs and I showed him the stain and told him I'd be submitting a claim on that also. He told me they would not cover it because it was "an accumulation stain" or "multiple stains" and I just didn't take care of my furniture. I explained to him exactly what happened and he still didn't care. He argued with me about how it happened. He did take pictures.

I still submitted my claim and after a month of not hearing anything I called. Spoke to a very RUDE rep named Sirena. All she would tell me is that they aren't a "general cleaning" company and I didn't take care of my furniture. EXTREMELY RUDE to me on the phone. I tried explaining to her the situation but she had no interest in listening. All she could say about it was "we have to go by what the tech says". My warranty clearly covers stains. Sirena would not listen to a word I said or even try to help me at all. Luckily I am a good customer to my local furniture store and they are replacing my ottoman and couch cushions for free because this Warranty company is horrific. Had I received good customer service on the phone from Sirena and had they at least TRIED to help me, I may have not left this review. However, I don't feel like any company should ever treat their customers with such disrespect as I was on the phone with her. So to end this review, I've paid all this money for a warranty with them, and they didn't even attempt to clean my furniture plus horrible customer service!!!

uniters warranty
uniters warranty


I reported a problem with my sofa, end table tipped over and put a huge hole in the side of it. Reported it...