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Recently I was looking to do some work on my home and saw a commercial for ServiceMagic. ServiceMagic is a company that helps you find local contractors to help with your job. They claim to have a "10-point" screening process that all contractors go through to be a part of that network. This is a very sore subject for me as I know some people who have had their trust "violated" by those who have been let in their home to do work. Unfortunately, ServiceMagic's process is mostly style over substance. There are many independent contracting companies out there that do not background screen their employees for such simple things as a criminal record, whether they are a registered sex offender, is their drivers license valid, etc. One of the reasons I chose to look at ServiceMagic was this 10-point claim of theirs.
However, when I actually looked at what they do it is nothing like what they advertise. In reality ServiceMagic, "ServiceMagic uses 3rd party data sources to conduct a criminal search for any relevant criminal activity associated with the owner/ principal of the business." What a load of crap this is. They check the criminal record of the owner of the company...ha. How does this ensure my safety as a consumer when the owner sends his employees into my home to do a repair? Why aren't the service men/women being screened? I don't care if the owner has a record I want to know about the person being sent into my home. They say the same thing about their sex offender search. You want a reason why knowing the background of those being sent into your home is important read this link . There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies out there that can do a background check on the employees of these companies and the only reason why a company like ServiceMagic cuts a corner like this is to save a few bucks. Nice to see the safety of their customers is more important to them then saving a few bucks. Here's an idea ServiceMagic either do what you claim and check all employees of the companies in your network or don't bring attention to your lackluster system. It might not have caught up to them yet, and I sincerely hope they fix it before it does and we have another tragedy like what happened to Sue Weaver.

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  • Gw
      Sep 30, 2009

    I agree! We are a housecleaning company in Greensboro NC - WE do 20 year background checks on all of our potential employees - criminal, driving, and work history checks. If we can not get EXCELLENT checks in ALL departments, we DO NOT hire them!

    Service Magic does only a check on the owner of the business. PERIOD. THEN they rip off the business by sending phony leads. 98% of the leads we received had disconnected or non-existent phone numbers, and the e-mails bounced back as undeliverable. We put our account with them on hold. THEN Service Magic attached itself to OUR yellowpage ad listing! So, if someone clicked on OUR website link it sent them to our page on Service!

    RIP OFF ARTISTS... we called yellow pages and THEY were shocked. (PLUS only last week Carolina Maids had done the SAME THING to one of our directory listings... noting themselves as an aka and listing THEIR website link. NOTE: we have NOTHING to do with Carolina Maids! If you hired THEM thinking they were US you were deceived!)

    I am fed up with deceitful competitors! Gwen Gibson, Maid in North Carolina, Inc.

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  • Se
      Nov 06, 2009

    ServiceMagic is a fraud. I read many stories about them ripping off contractors.
    I'll tell you it's just as bad for consumers.

    I had a horrible experience with a contractor I hired through ServiceMagic. After I wrote a negative review, ServiceMagic called me, and I told them the same story. In spite of being 100% objective and honest in my review, they removed it from their site.

    That's why all contractors have great review on ServiceMagic. They refuse to post negative reviews. It's a complete fraud. By the way, the person I hired had dozens of glowing reviews. Still, he turned out to be completely incompetent. I am absolutely sure that there were many more scathing reviews about this guy submitted by customers like me.

    ServiceMagic is blatantly LYING to both consumers and contractors. It's a fraud - don't use them!

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  • Fe
      Nov 20, 2009

    Goto Contractor to get the insite on service magic

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  • Bi
      Dec 08, 2009

    It is not a fraud. The reason all of their contractors have good reviews is the bad companies get dropped from the service. I run a maid service and I can tell you some of the big names in the business are absent from servicemagic. Its not because they dont want to be there...its because they CANT be there. They had too many bad reviews!! The company REQUIRES my employees and myself to be bonded. I am required to do a due diligence investigation on my employees to protect my own business as well as my customers.

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  • Pe
      Jan 30, 2010

    I agree and they are a rip off...$50/lead and you have to bid against your competition. Why pay Service Magic for leads if I can get your web site on the front page of Google Guaranteed!! You do not pay until I get you there. This is not pay per click. $99.00 per month unlimited leads. Please contact me at [protected] [protected]

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  • Ch
      Mar 26, 2010

    ok ok someone explain to me something here..

    What the HELL does a drivers license have to do with ANYTHING. Are you worried because someone didnt renew their NATIONAL ID CARD?

    Bunch of paranoid freaks.

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  • Hu
      Jul 15, 2010
    ServiceMagic - &The worst way to earn business&
    United States

    1. Non-refundable membership cost

    2. False leads sent to you, charges applicable and non-refundable

    3.Consumes lead charges from 3-4 different contractors or companies, non will be refundable

    4.they call "credit back to your account" not your bank account, the account with Service Magic, the money in your bank account will never be credited it has already been charged.

    5. You will be sent leads that are not in your category or leads that are old, in the meantime, you will be charged for the lead and you will call to claim a false lead or a lead that does not belong in your category, in the meantime you did pay for the false lead and the "credit" you had from the previous lead will not be used instead your "credit" just grows, in other words you will never see your "credit" decrease just increase and your bank account decrease.

    6. They claim contractors nationwide are and have grown thanks to Service Magic, that these contractors will happily continue growing with ServiceMagic's service. You ask for these "happily growing contractors" information and you will notice that they will start a dodge and dance move, this "growing contractors" are a false advertising pitch that makes ServiceMagic grow.

    7.You call to cancel your membership, knowing that they will keep your non-refundable membership, (which is OK, you knew that when you signed up), but, you want to cancel membership because you don't want to be paying for false leads, so you have money in your "credit" once you cancel you will not be reimbursed your credit back to your bank account. ServiceMagic will keep your money, as a matter of fact they try talking you back into their membership for free, they want to keep lynching off your bank account with false leads.

    I will never ever be or do any "ANY" business with Service Magic, I feel sorry for Service Magic on how they earn their business, I hope that this helps contractors or companies looking to partnership with Service Magic, don't do it! you will come back to this page and elaborate on this post and explain your own experience.

    "Service Magic" a bad business partnership, bad business conduct, unjustifiable charges, overall Service Magic will grow with bad business practices, They are the mold that grows!!!

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  • Ci
      Mar 02, 2011

    Wow, I have a story for you…..I will post what I have posted on other sites and you can contact me if you have questions.

    After repeated calls from Service Magic asking us to sign up for their service, I finally agreed to give it a try in January 2017. They were offering no sign up fees, the only requirement was that we have valid liability insurance. The way the service works is there is a charge for every contractor that receives a "lead" and I was told that each lead would go to three contractors in our area. Leads that were determined to be "exact match leads" were charged a much higher rate. On February 14th, we received our first and only lead and it turned out to be an "exact match". I called the customer immediately and again tried to contact him later but he never returned my calls. I called SM to report the issue and told them I did not expect to be charged. They sent the customer an e-mail and I received a reply that he had found someone else. I told SM this was not going to work for me and that I had plenty of work on my own anyway so I wanted to cancel. One week later, I was searching out various location on the web and found they had hijacked my Yahoo Local ad where we had great customer reviews dating much earlier than my January 7th sign up date. They had changed my phone number to their toll free number and changed my website link to their own. I have since found other places where I had my company registered that they had changed my original information. I could not believe this had happened. I still have not gotten the situation totally corrected. I have spent several hours on the phone with Yahoo, had to agree to pay a monthly fee so no one can get into my ad again and am still waiting for them to try to get our company customer reviews from the site SM hijacked to my paid for submission. I wonder how many other companies they do this to and they don't even know it. I suppose if you are a new company and do not have good web presence, SM may be a good match for that company but not a company who already has a good business. I am still not sure how they managed to do what they have done, can not believe it is legal and can not imagine how much business we have lost as a result

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  • Cd
      Aug 28, 2011

    They do this to every contractor company that uses them. This is probably a bigger scam than the poor leads that are farmed out to many more contractors than they say. This is probably alos a bigger scam then the poor and invalid leads that they provide. I do carpet cleaning and they sent me a paint lead and would not refund or credit me back. They are by all means the worst at what they are supposed to do and the best at ripping people off.

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  • Bo
      Dec 12, 2011
    ServiceMagic - Fraud
    United States

    Ok I my busines was going slow so I said y not try sevicemagice they say they can find u jobs which they call leads which they charge u for they take the money right out ur account so watch it first I said ok but then I notes that the leads were for other citys not like I ask then the monthly fees I dented about 450$ for I said that's it .not one lead made me money o and they charge u another fee for Makeing u a web site pulse a monthly fee for that to .look I no better now no one can help u get jobs but word of mouth .so long story short don't believe what u see they lie to get u in then charge u to get out

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  • Sm
      Dec 12, 2011

    Hi Bob -

    I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with us. We match leads to you based off of the zip code and the type of work. If you are seeing leads in places you do not want to receive leads from we can help you adjust your coverage area to ensure you are profiled correctly. I would like to speak to you directly to discuss your concerns and see if there is anything I can help you with. You may reach me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack[at]

    Thank you,

    Mandy Black

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