Sephora / nightmarish customer service

Brampton, ON, Canada

For a brand that is synonymous with luxury and exemplary customer service, it is very very disappointing to have to write this.
When Sephora opened at the Bramalea City Centre (Brampton, ON), I was delighted to have it at a stone's throw. However each visit has been frustrating, upsetting and leaves me rather disgusted. On three separate incidents I have had to deal with staff that is arrogant and dismissive and far from helpful. Despite it being neither rush hour (less than 5 customers in the store) nor seasonal rush.
The latest incident (12 Oct 2017), had us wait for a colourist for 45 minutes, and this was after repeated requests to the staff. However while we were waiting at the bar, the colourist took on another client and said her manager told her to do so. I went up to the Manager, who brushed us off, and when I expressed my frustration, she offered then, to do the skin tone test.
By now had already wasted enough time and decided to select products ourselves. However when we approached the Fenty range counter, and spoke to the lady to assist us, she just turned her face as if we had not spoken. I repeated my request for assistance to help me select the right shade and her reply was, "It's there you can look yourself". When I said to her that her knowledge would be of great value, she smeared two shades which were as close to my skin tone as chalk is on asphalt( and this after being shown the results of the skin shade test).
Then she flippantly and very rudely informs me that FENTY does not make my shade, and turned around to applying her own makeup.

It is a pity when such staff not only sully a brand name, but also the prestige of a Mall.

The very next day I went to the Sephora outlet at Square one. The difference in the attitude of the Sephora ladies is stunning. They were friendly, warm, helpful and cooperative. A genuine pleasure to be served by them, which makes it quite clear that it is not Sephora's policy to play the elitist card, but shoddy pathetic management and untrained, unqualified staff that make the outlet at Bramalea City Centre a nightmare to shop at.

Oct 26, 2017

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