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Selene Finance

Posted: Feb 5, 2013 by    

No online payments

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Selene Finance
United States
Flagstar sold my mortgage to this company effective 2/2/13. According to regulations this company is supposed to send you notice 15 days prior to the effective date. I received my notification from them on 2/4/13 the postmark was 2/1/2013. I went on to their website and they do not even offer online payments! How can a company operate these days without using online payments not to mention my payment would have been late if not for the fact that I had actually made it early with Flagstar. In my opinion this will be just another scam by a financial institution to blame a late payment on snail mail or charge you extra to make a payment by phone! Flagstar should be ashamed as well for selling good paying customers to this business. I guess the only way to get away from this business will be to refinance my mortgage and hope that the next mortgage company has better sense than Flagstar when choosing who they sell our mortgages too. Shame on Selene Finance and shame on Flagstar!!
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N  5th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I can't believe I just found this post! I am very very upset about this. I am in the same boat as you because Flagstar just kicked me to the curb and sold my loan to Selene effective 2/02/2013 as well. I am furious about this. I have not received my letter either. I went to their website and wasn't impressed at all. Looks very shadowy. I am totally upset about the fact that their is no online payment system. I have spent the last few days reading absolutely nothing good about this company. Hear! Hear! Shame on Selene Finance and shame on Flagstar. Heaven help us.
A  7th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I, also, just had my mortgage sold by Flagstar to Selene Finance. I was really angry, but--what can you do? Red flags are being raised everywhere I turn. I cannot make online payments, as I have with EVERY other mortgage company I have ever dealt with. The phone numbers Selene lists ALL cut off before you can speak with anyone in the company. The BBB gives them a D+ rating, and they lists establishment date as 2007, with 9 complaints (8 resolved/1 unresolved). The brief portion of message their recorded phone message states that they are a DEBT COLLECTOR. I have no bad credit, so why am I here????? BBB suggested that customers check to make sure the company has met licensing requirements. So, I follow that link to the TX licensing bureau, and, SURPRISE-- the bureau does not list them as a licensed company. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????? It looks like I might have to try to refinance again also. This sucks as it has been less than two years since I went with Flagstar.
A  7th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I went back to BBB and again followed through on their links to Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending (www.sml.texas.gov) business licensing. It appears that Selene does have a license, that I had not clicked through enough links to find previously. Still, I have been reading more consumer complaints and I have not found even one positive comment about Selene Finance's dealings with their customers. Another BBB comment at the end, said that BBB found that Selene had made a good faith effort to resolve the 9 filed customer compIaints, but one customer remained very unsatisfied,

I need to start researching and applying for another re-fi as soon as I can and pray I will be approved. It's never a sure thing. But, again, I have no bad credit, and no late payments, so why was my mortgage sold to a debt collector in the first place? I am so angry with Flagstar Bank!
N  12th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Flag star sold my loan to Selene effective 1-1-13. Flag star sent me this notification, but never heard from Selene. Mailed payment on Jan 1 to Selene PO box in Philadelphia as indicated on flag star letter. They still have not processed this payment. started getting late payment phone calls. Once agent came on the line...they said no worries...that Selene was still processing all the new flag star payments and that no negative credit reporting or late fees would occur. Feb 1 mailed second payment using Selene provided payment slip and envelope. Neither check has cleared and NOW I am getting warning letters that if full payment is not received in 7 business days I could lose my home...any one offer me any help..selene won't answer phone now...
A  14th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
To all of you that are new comers to Selene Finance - hang on to your seats!
DO NOT EVER be late on your payments!
DO NOT, if you can help it, give them a phone number to contact you at... tell them you'll contact them! I'll explain why a little later.
They are AWFUL! Sadly, I wish I could say something good about them but I can't.
We've never been late on our payments - have once in a while ran close to the 15th - the last date you're able to make a payment before receiving a late payment fee from them.
IF they have a phone number to reach you at - they will call you, even LATE at night... even when you're NOT late on your payments!
They DO NOT help people stay in their homes!
They DO want you to fail with your loan! They buy these loans pennies on the dollar when they purchase these loans!
They are snakes - with a bite that will surely drive you up the wall!
When I call, I go through the, push this, push that... on hold ONLY to get disconnected BY THEM more times than any!
Another problem... you rarely reach a customer service rep... it seems there is usually no one available or you're on hold for an eternity, only to get disconnected. Once in a while, I'll get a very nice gal to speak too who I truly feel is only there to have a job & has compassion for Selene's customers.
A few times - I've called & have been given a recording the number 877-735-3637 is disconnected.

Another BIG problem & this will happen, it's happened to many - they hire private investigators & those private investigators will then call your neighbors, your family members, etc - They will NOT tell you who they are - to which is illegal! They are required to identify themselves, in case you're not aware of it!
When our loan was purchased by them, I first jumped online & did a lot of research about Selene Finance. What I learned was frightening! I knew, from the day I learned they were now holding our mortgage, it was going to be one interesting ride & it has been!
They also send people to SPY on your home! IF you ever find a note on your door, that's because they sent out some guy (most times they are not very trust worthy looking) to try to talk to you, try to get in your home to inspect it to see if you are occupying the home (actually, they do this to try & obtain photos of the interior of the home), ask a bunch of other questions, etc. DO NOT let these people in your home! Tell them to stay off of your property! They HAVE to obey your demand! I called our local police department & we have the right to not allow them on our property & if they disobey our request to stay off the property, we then have the right to file charges. These people Selene finance hires, they are random people who go around to Selene Finance's properties trying to basically gain access to your home & learn as much as they can so they can then turn around & relay the information to Selene! They will sit on the road side watching your property. They will even go as far as snooping around your home, looking into your windows, etc! There's even been rumor of these people breaking into homes to acquire photos of the interior of your home for Selene Finance. Selene Finance WANTS to KNOW the condition of your home basically so they can get the a better idea of the quality & value of the home. DO NOT let these thugs in your home! You have the right to tell them to leave your property!

If you should fall behind on your loan - DO NOT EVER accept their "Forbearance" program! They WILL screw you! It's been done & of you search hard enough throughout the web, you will find many complaints about Selene & their Forbearance program! Research & educate yourselves in regard to this company! You will be thankful you did!

They will also, if by chance you fall behind on your loan - send you a "Demand Letter" threatening you with foreclosure. These letters are only a ploy to scare you! They will send out these demand letters when you're 35 days past due - the letters look scary because they are threatening you with foreclosure proceedings if you don't pay up. Relax... you have 90 calendar days before any company can file foreclosure proceedings. BUT - PAY your mortgage! Don't take this for granted... I'm only sharing in case you ever receive one of these "Demand Letters" you know to NOT get in a frizz about them. It's Selene & their BULLYING tactics - Yes, they are big BULLIES & they will try to put you into a scare. Don't let them!

Selene Finance has earned their D+ rating, no question about that! They are the worst company to deal with & as soon as we're able, we are DONE with them! As soon as you're able - be done with them!

This company should be SHUT DOWN! They are NOT a mortgage company, more like a VISCOUS debt collector! There is a HUGE difference from a mortgage company & Selene Finance!

Best of luck to you all!
N  14th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Selene's BBB record NOW sits at F - how is this company still in business?

N  15th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
My mtg was sold from flagstar to selene this month...i don't know any dates yet. The way I found out was a letter from my HOI saying my mortgagee changed to selene. Credit Karma showed Flagstar closed my account. I still hadn't heard from either company on the sell. I am very upset about this.
D  15th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Our mortgage was also sold by Flagstar to Selene and we were a little concerned because we did not receive the paperwork right away. However, once we got the notification from Selene that they were the new mortgage holder, we have had no problems. You can pay online, just like you did with Flagstar, and I haven't had a problem getting through to customer service.
N  19th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
wow. i am extremely perturbed. i am pissed at flagstar and angry at the sorry customer service at selene. i have been on hold for the last 30 mins and i believe if i continue to hold at no time will any one pick up. i made a payment to selene online on the 1st and it has yet to clear my bank account. lucky for me i printed off the confirmation number for proof of payment. #selenefinanceshouldnotbeinbusiness
and shame on flagstar for selling my loan to them.
A  19th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Flagstar sold our Mortgage to selene effective Jan. 2013...first we heard from them was a collection letter received about Jan 7, 2013 threatening to foreclose. We were not behind on any payments. Just sent a complaint to our state Attorney General and am paying with cashiers checks and certified mail. So far we have been told to submit payments to two different addresses in two different states by selen collection letters. We fear selen is a predatory company in business to absorb homes. We may have a class action suit if selen doesn't clean up its act. Pay with cashiers checks and use certified mail so you have evidence you are doing everything right and have a paper trail. Refuse to talk to them, demand everything in writing.
N  27th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Well I now have joined the many other Flagstar customers that have been sold to Selene. The change takes effect the 2nd of March, I can only hope that it will be a smooth transition, I am preparing for the worst after reading all of the information above. I to am very disappointing in Flagstar as I have always paid on time for the past 7 years.
N  7th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
ekdane/and all,

We are in the first month of payment to Selene Finance and overnight/signature our first payment with the with Flagstars last letter and payment stub.(send all payments to their Texas address). I got on their website, registered my loan, and in one day we are able to make our next payments online. One last note; Copy everything and do all transactions online so there is a online/email trail. We have not experienced what everyone else has but we are not taking the chance.
N  12th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
My loan transferred in January 2013, well last Friday it was after 6 p.m. when my insurance agent sent me an emails stating that Selene had sent my homeowners insurance company a letter stating that the property was vacant. Well now I have to send a notorized letter to the insurance company letting them know that I occupy the property. What's up with this. I haven't been able to speak to anyone at Selene yet but oh boy when I do...
A  11th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Horrible company to do business with! Customer service is non existent. Do Not Do Business With This Company!!!
A  25th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
There is no customer service, on line payments, or any contact to be had with this company HELP HELP HELP !!!
A  25th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Dis heartening

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