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I was forced to list my home, condo, in a short sale. My loan was with Nationstar, who sold it to Selene about three months into process. Condo finally sold and closed in June of 2012. Here I am in March of 2013 trying to do taxes and after repeated calling Selene because I Did not receive my 1099-C...they STILL HAVE ME LISTED IN THAT PROPERTY AND ON THE LOAN!!! I have the HUD Final Sertlement, the signed release of debt but these thieves still have me owing for property sold and recorded. I used a legitimate real estate company and title company, everything was above board...except Selene. How in the Eff can this be? They received the payoff monies, doled out the commissions, yet I'm screwed! I can't even do my taxes. After holding for over 15 minutes and explaining how I needed the 1099C, I was asked if I was still residing in the property! OMG! I had to ask if she was even listening to what I was saying. I DON'T LIVE IN THE PROPERTY BECAUSE IT WAS SOLD, SELENE GOT THEIR MONEY, I AM 3000 miles away from the original property! Finally was told I have to speak with Dennis Darling...who conveniently wasn't answering his calls or voice mail! So she sent him an email to phone me! Meanwhile I'm stunned this is happening when I have every legal paper in my hand, releasing me of debt AND ownership! I guess if I were dumb enough, I would still be paying the supposed statements she says they are still sending to my old condo! And they would be double dipping. I've called the OCC & FTC to report their fraud. I advise everyone else to do the same and let the govt step in with the fraud charges.

Mar 06, 2013
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  • Rc
      May 07, 2013

    Please contact the BBB let them know what's going on these people are getting away with so much we need to file a lawsuit on them we all need to do something about this to so many people file a complaint to the BBB Selene is a not a good Mortgage company please contact the BBB ...

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  • He
      May 07, 2013

    Harp92110, you are so stupid to post here. You should hired a good real estate and title company to do the job but it look like you wanted something for free.

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  • De
      May 27, 2013

    Purchased home in 2007. My employer closed their California facility May 2010 lost job; older worker. I contacted my (then) mortgage servicer Aurora Loans. I was told I hadn't missed any payments so I did not qualify for a modification. I had savings and was not eligible for any assistance. In Feb 2012, (as I approached the last 5 months of my unemployment benefits), Aurora Loans approved a temporary one-year modification. Approximately two months later, I received notification my 1st & 2nd mortgage loans had been transferred to Selene Finance. Selene denied having any knowledge of the modification and I began faxing and refaxing until they acknowledged receipt of the information and agreed to honor the modification. Two months later, Selene transferred the 1st mortgage to Nationstar Mortgage but retained the 2nd mortgage. Then the "who's on first routine" began. I began receiving default notices from Nationstar for the 1st mortgage (had just transferred from Selene). Again, I spent 6-8 weeks faxing and refaxing documentation of the modification and was instructed to reapply with Nationstar after having been on the modification plan for 9-10 months. I think this was dual-tracking (ruled illegal). In December 2012 I received a denial notice (from Nationstar) for a permanent modification. Meanwhile, the 2nd mortgage with Selene continued uninterrupted with no missed/late payments. After speaking with Nationstar Mortgage Rep. as well as a consumer credit counselor I decided my best option was to go with a short sale. I am nearly 60 yrs of age and live in a high unemployment area where decent wages have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Without a permanent modification I could no longer afford the mortgage. The property was listed with an approved short sale realtor in Feb 2013. I got a cash offer on day 2. Nationstar refused to even review the first offer. They insisted on listing the property with and we hosted 2 separate open houses in addition to the individual showings. Finally, a cash offer was accepted in April. After weeks of waiting for the approval and the realtor having to submit and resubmit into Nationstar's "equator" system we find that Selene is refusing to agree to the sale because they want $30, 000 on a $48, 000 junior lien. Research has indicated that Wall Street has identified the average compensation is $3, 000-$5, 000 on junior liens (2nd mortgage). According to Selene's representative, the INVESTORS will not accept less. I doubt they could even name a legitimate investor; everything is hidden in derivatives. FYI - 2007 purchase price was 248, 000 (1st -198, 000 & 2nd - 48, 000). Current offer to purchase is 149, 100. After reading so many negative reviews, I stopped paying both mortgages in March 2013. Unless Selene agrees to the lower payout, the 1st (Nationstar) will foreclose. Unnecessary Crooks!

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  • La
      Feb 20, 2014

    I am an agent in the middle of a sale with selence finance and they are refusing to surrender title to mobile that is on the property.
    They (Selene Finance) are selling the property and mobile as one price and are attempting to collect money on both, but are refusing to give title to mobile, claiming its personal property... If they don't do this correctly they will have a HUGE lawsuit filed by ME the realtor, and they can keep there property and I wont sell anything else they own. They have a copy of a title that was in the former owners name showing American General as lien holder, and they are willing to release the lien and give my buyer the title that is in former owners name that they re-possessed it from... WTF Do they think a realtor would let this fly by...

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