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Select Portfolio Servicing / foreclosure

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States Review updated:

i am a customer of select portfolio servicing of salt lake city utah it has been a nightmare i signed up with a company called save my home for a loan modification back in august of 2008 i was 2 months behind at that time i was told there was negotitiations being made to make my payment more affordable i later found out that was a lie as of jan .o8 i paid another company 900 dollars and they are in the process of negotitiating with select portfolio (save my home was paid 600 dollars of a 1200 fee) i am receiving foreclosure letters from a law firm sps has hired the other company is telling me this is just what they do they are telling me dont worry my house is not in foreclosure i am a nervous reck the first company (save my home) had told me not to send any futher payments as this would disqualify me for th loan modification my only objective throughout all of this has been to try and to keep my home, is there no one to trust anymore?

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  • Pe
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Your frustration is very valid, and I 'feel' for you. Unfortunetly, there are skammers out there. (as in any field). But I can honestly tell you I found a Loan Modificaiton company through going thru it myself. I too was in the same situation as you are and this company WORKS.
    It offers 100% Assurance Pledege if they don't dreasticly lower your monthly rate - as well as we are seeing 3% - 3.5% comeing through now...
    The company is Home Rescue Programs, - A- rated, been doing this for 13 years and has an EXCELLENT reputation. I am now working for them as a broker - (since I honestly beleive in them and see that it works - first hand).
    I am also now a Broker for them, so call me and I can help. (843) 706-9876 or (843) 505-0424.

  • Fe
      12th of Feb, 2010
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    Don't trust HOME RESCUE PROGRAM theyyy stilll my moneyyyyyyy, Peggy Martin is the broker for this company who don't do nothing only still moneyyyy

  • Lo
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Check out your facts, Peggy Martin works for Home Rescue, which has nothing to do with Home Rescue Program in Ca that went out of business 12-09. Loan Modifications are coming through every day for clients, both local and national. Sorry you feel so bitter, - too bad you didn't want your LM !

  • Fe
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Be aware of Home Rescue Program SE, the broker is Peggy Martin, they only
    care about your money, they don't care if you will be homeless. They are a total scam she took us for $2500
    BEWARE!!! don't let her take advantage of you! Bluffton SC

    you can find more people looking for this women : /URL removed/

  • An
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    Regarding Home Rescue Program SE, I totally disagree with your negative comments. Our loan modification came out even BETTER than we hoped. We went from paying $1500.00 a month down to $752.00 a month, thanks to Peggy Martin and Home Rescue SE. Angie, Bluffton

  • An
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    I totally disagree with your negative comments. Our loan modification came out even BETTER than we hoped. We went from paying $1500.00 a month down to $752.00 a month Thanks to Peggy Martin and Home Rescue SE. Angie

  • Gr
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Well this is now the third or is it the fourth time we have to be on their trial period for home modification program?

    Let’s start off first by saying unfortunately due to some illnesses and unfortunate spending my husband and I had to claim bankruptcy. This is the time that SPS swooped in to take over our payments on mortgage. SPS Have never been truthful to us yet. Each time the trial period is to end, they have lost our paper work or else claim it needs to be signed. I have sent same papers at least a dozen times. Called today and as usual Jeremy states he needs out tax papers. Husband lost cool and Jeremy admitted he has papers but they needed to be signed. Therefore because the time period was up we would have to try again for the three month trial period.

    What a hoax. Where is my supposedly reduced payment going? Where is my mortgage? Why am I not receiving any payment history? Someone needs to stop these crooks before a lot of innocent hard-working people are homeless. Or is that what the Obama Plan is all about? Think about it.

  • Cl
      16th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a current consumer of select portfolio servicing and they are not honoring the intention of the Making Home Affordable legislation. I want to gather a large enough group of consumers in the same situation as we are so that we can form a class action suit. We cannot pay a lawyer on our own but together, we can have power. If you want more information and want to help, email me at

  • Jh
      26th of Oct, 2010
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    I was paying $2300 and submitted paperwork for HAMP with payments down to $1200. SPS said they dated everything wrong so I had to do another 3 months now at $1500. Then they needed more info at the end of that three months and the payment went up to $1700. This month, end of this "last" three months they said they needed a P and L statement, I'm self employed. I sent it to them, they said they would also need a check for $5, 200 I assumed it was probably the difference between the $2300 and their revised payments. Friday they said the format of my P and L was wrong and they would need at least $10, 000 or my house would go into forclosure. I've been in my home for 17 years and once the mortgage sold to SPS is the ONLY time I'd had issues. What are they, a group of realtors trying to capitalize on stealing our homes for profit?? Something is not right with them!

    Meeting with a local service today with an attorney on staff. We'll, see.


  • La
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    we got select portfolio servicing in 7/1999 we cant get away from them, they only put you on a forbearance .back in 2002 they sent us a letter stateing we can save our home if we send 1, 000 that was a lie they sent more letters saying there going to forclose, the forbearce is to get more money out of you if you dont pay you loss your home, sps wants alot of money in a short time we sent the 1, 000 that money is gone now the 10, 000 we put for a forbearnce was never appled to our mortgage that is gone to. select portfolio servicing is ascam co. and i cant understand why this kind of co. stays in buissness it needs to be put out for good.

  • Sk
      6th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have written to the FTC about these guys. Everyone should file a complaint or as many complaints as possible. SPS has been on the Feds radar for sometime. People need to also reach out to their State's Attorney Generals for assistance. This is good stuff! If we all stand together we should be able to put pressure on our legislatures to stop them or hurt them with monetary penalties but it has to start by each one of us calling the FTC and your state legislators. I am fighting hard for this one. Please join me or continue the struggle for decent business practices.

  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2011
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    Unfortunately my mortgage also is with SPS, Previously Fairbanks. My husband was in an accident and we got behind in the mortgage paymens in 1999. We had to file bankruptcy and were able to avoid losing our home. We succesfully completed the bankruptcy in 2006 only to have them add $9000 to an escrow account ans said that it was late and due immediately and they were filing for forclosure. We tried to get help from the state but were unable and moved out of our house in Oct 2006. After we moved out of the house they have listed the house as forclosed in 2007. This past year (2010) we started to get letters from the city housing department stating that we need to clean up the property or face fines. After all of this time we found out they never changed the name on the deed and even though we can't live in the house we are still responsable for the upkeep. If you know of any class action suits, I would be glad to join in.

  • Lo
      2nd of Apr, 2013
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    i have been trying to lower our intrust rate since before mu husband died he died in october the 18th 2012 before that we had bank of america for 5years with the same intrust rate at 10 and ahalf percent we also had aames and bank of america now select portfolio servicing all they do is give me a run around telling me that they do not want my house i told themjust to lower my house payment because now that my husband is gone it is hard because i dont have that extra income coming in i pay 2013.58 and im on ss i never talk to the same person you have to talk to someone else every time i feel that im not getting anywhere with these people but they sure ask me when i will be able to send in my house payment we have lived at this house since 94 we had to have some ramps built for mu daughter she was in a accident 10 years ago that left her paralyzed from the nipple line down and that is the only way she can get in the house i have wrote them hardship letters faxed papers and then they tell me they never receiver them so here i do it all over again so frustrated about this whole mess especially now that my husband is gone thank you

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