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Where do I begin? I guess at the beginning. Hope everyone is ready for a true horror story worse than anything Hollywood could dream up. We purchased our home in 1998 from my parents. This is our family home that has been in my family over 35 years. We can afford our home and have paid faithfully for our home. In July 2005 we refinanced with Countrywide. No problem paid our payments until about 9 months later we got a letter from Select Portfolio Servicing saying that we were in default and they were going to foreclose. SURPRISE, who the h**l is Select Portfolio Servicing. Apparently they had bought our mortgage and low and behold we were told absolutely nothing about this transfer. We had been paying mortgage payments to a company that no longer owned our mortgage yet kept the money.

So begins our relationship with Select Portfolio Servicing. So we worked this out with them so we thought and paid inflated payments to make up for the payments that were somehow just lost in limbo somewhere. We never recovered those lost payments either. We kept paying our mortgage and about once a year we have to fight with them and show proof that we are paying our payments and go through the whole you now us fees etc... We paid these and kept hoping that eventually they would stop their games. No such luck.

Then in 2008 we get a notice that we have five days to move because they sold our house. What the F***. We call them and they refer us to their attorney who says that we had not make payments for six months so they foreclosed and sold our home. News to us because we had proof of our payments and were never notified of anything from Select Portfolio Servicing.

We went rounds with him and found out they sold it to their own bank. We sent all our proof and they agreed to settle if we gave them $26, 000. So we cleared our 401k and sent them themoney . Their settlement stated that they would admit no wrong doing just that we contested what they said. They set our payment at $1515 a month with a fixed interest rate of 8%. Not great but manageable. We paid these payments and then in Sept. 2009 we got a letter that they were raising our payments to $2200 a month. When we called they refused to give us an answer as to why. We struggled to make these payments and in April 2009 they suggested a loan modification back to where we had originally settled on a payment. They said that if we paid the payments for three months it would become permanent. So we paid and paid and paid and have been paying this payment every month since last April.

Then on 2/26/10 we got a letter from Select Portfolio Servicing that was sent on 2/22/10 that we had until 2/23/10 to pay them $55, 000 dollars or they would foreclose. No explanation just that they wanted $55, 000 three days before we even got the letter. But wait this gets better. On 2/27/10 some man shows up at our home that we have been paying for for 12 years and said he bought our house. Again what the F***. So first thing on Monday morning 3/1/10 (which was my birthday --Happy birthday to me -- not) we contacted an attorney. Yes I know we should have done this a long time before but we are honest and paid our bills and just expected the same in return.

Anyway come to find out they did sell our home on 2/25/10 to a third party, a day before we got their latest extortion demand letter. No notice of foreclosure, no sale date posted, just decided to sell it. Needless to say our attorney is filing a lawsuit first thing this morning and we are going after them with everything we've got. We owed $183, 000 on the house and got nothing but BS from them about everything yet they illegally sold it to some bottom feeder for only $72, 000. Makes not sense to me.

My warning is to anyone dealing with Select Portfolio Servicing, do not deal with them. Pay the money and get an attorney. They may act nice on the phone but it is all an act. They are out to *** over. You will never get the same person twice and never get the same answer twice. I do welcome and appreciate any advice anyone can give me on how best to attack these vultures.

Best of luck to you all, the best thing you can do is get away from Select Portfolio as soon as possible because they are CROOKS and terrorists !!!


  • Am
    Amy Moe Nov 26, 2018

    Anyone who was transferred from Wells Fargo a class action is being prepared against wells, and of course SPS. Please send along email information, We are moving quickly against both parties.

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  • Pa
    Paul Corriveau Nov 27, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Amy Moe [email protected] clue me in they begin servicing my note on dec 4th and I’m freakin out my loan is in good standing

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  • Gr
    GrandmaB Oct 30, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They LOST my freaking payment! I used their online payment, and claim the payment was never received. I faxed a copy of my bank statement to them showing the payment cleared. They want a letter from Wells Fargo saying it was paid. When I asked for a person to send the information to, she said there wasn't a "person" to send it to the Cashiering department. I asked for her supervisor's name, she refused. I asked for the CEO, CIO and HMFIC's name and she couldn't give me on. Bank is beyond pissed. Mortgage got sold to these clowns with no notice, it's been a nightmare. Count me in on a Class Action Suit!

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  • Lh
    lhpr Sep 21, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Fay Servicing (which was bad enough and currently being sued by those in charge of overseeing the rights of homeowners) sold my house to SPS. Before I even began a struggle that appears to be coming full blown my way, I would like to know how to take offensive action against them before I have to defend my rights. I am current on my mortgage and have been for years. Lived in my home for 22 years. I would like to know how to legally organize and submit an airtight Classs Suit against SPS with many or ALL of you. Contact me at [email protected]

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  • Sa
    saddenedcitizen Nov 20, 2014

    In 2008 I suffered a divorce followed up with the death of a parent and rotator cuff repair...I was broke and filed to the fictitious "making home affordable" program. It took what seems a lifetime now, but in 2011 I was in the final approvement stage for the "making home affordable" program with BofA, my contact person in fact advised me the program had been approved and the next letter I receive is that my loan was sold to SPS. SPS advised me that although I had been that far down the road I would now need to again start over. So having no choice I refiled and resubmitted paperwork over and over and over until they finally pushed me into a deed in lieu situation. I filed that paperwork in the Fall of 2013 and was advised that it should be completed by December. In August of 2014, I finally received my "final paperwork" signed it before a Notary and sent it back via FedEx with a signature required. Received my mail confirmation and then still get collection calls. I finally answered one in late October and demanded to know why they hadn't filed my paperwork, to which they respond, well you need to complete a new package before we can file that??? So I threw in the towel and filed bankruptcy in November (this month) and advised them to contact my attorney...they are still calling me??? I can't find that the Fed is investigating them but it's my opinion this is playing into the Fed's plan towards socialism where the government will own the majority of properties :(

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  • Ba
    babatwo Jul 29, 2014

    SPS has to be the worst mortgage company in the united state period. They are very dishonest, they will lie to you and deceive you into short selling your home or even worst foreclosing your home while you are still working things out with them. We have been current with our loan until they modified our loan and made it 500 dollars more than our previous payment. Their attitude shows that they don't care period, they are not willing to extend a honest helping hand to home owners to work with they to lower their payment through a fair modification. They are quick to tell you that if you can not afford the new inflated payment you should short sale your home.
    They are the worst ever and I don't belief any one can get any good help from those crooks, evil, greedy, devils advocate and white collar thieves. They are notorious for destroying peoples life and working away free with more money than they are owned.
    They must be stop, there has to be a way. There act is equivalent to robbery.

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  • Fl
    Florida SPS Victim Jul 01, 2014

    All of the above is true and only the tip of the iceberg. All their victims need to start a grass roots movement to have them put out of business. I have contacted my U.S. Senators, U.S. Reps., State (FL) Sens. & Rep., State Attorney General, Department of Consumer Affairs, Statewide Prosecutor, Utah's Senators (home of SPS) demanding SPS be investigated by the FBI and DOJ. Also contacted the Utah Atty. Gen. and Consumer Affairs. If we all keep banging on the doors, people who can do something about these mobsters will have to listen. Also, contact your local TV and/or Newspaper Consumer Affairs investigative reporters. Let's get these ###!

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  • Pi
    Pilar Cuenca May 31, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On March 24, 2013 I received a short sale approval on my property located at 725 Stonewyk Way, Kissimmee, FL 34744 to close on April 19, 2013. Unfortunately we were not able to close due that the property did not pass inspection and the lender did not approve buyer's financing.
    On April 8, 2013 a new offer was submitted, a cash offer, for the same amount, the only difference from the first offer was the buyer's name, everything else was exactly the same.
    On May 28, 2013, as my Realtor usually do, calling every two days, she called and talked to Ms. Angie Haynes and as per the information given to my Realtor everything was great and Ms. Haynes said that we were supposed to receive an approval today. To my Realtor's surprise when she called today she was notified that the offer has been denied which we do not understand why it has been denied when it was approved before.
    Fannie Mae short sale new rules effective February 2013, do not apply to this file due that this is a conventional loan and the HAFA short sale benefit still apply to the borrower. So, denial cannot be based on HAFA benefits due that this is a conventional loan not a Fanny Mae loan. I need a response on why this file has been denied when it was approved before and no changes, except for buyer's name, were done.
    I am a 72 years old lady and I have been put through a very stressful situation by Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. (SPS) since the short sale was transferred from Bank of America to SPS last year. I need your assistance I cannot have the luxury to have a foreclosure and lenders coming after me for a deficiency. I am too old and I am mentally and physically affected by this situation. SPS has made my life miserable since day one. Even though this is a HAFA short sale they went and tried to foreclose on the property twice and we had to go to court to fight the foreclosure that both times was cancelled by the judge.
    Your prompt attention and response to this important matter are greatly appreciated.

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  • Be
    Belita Jordan Feb 22, 2013

    This is an evil company. Bank of America transferred my mortgage to these people and they are dishonest & fraudulent. Their goal is to deceive, lie, and corruption without end.
    They have sent me three letters with dishonest communication and they rather speak to you by phone rather than put much in documentation as to really keep the deception going. I don't trust them and why in the world they are allowed to get away with so much fraud? I am so exasperated & speaking with them on the phone is exhaustive. I'm praying to God for His direction and help in this nightmare.
    It's true, you reap what you sow. All the havoc, stress, sadness, fraud, etc. they have sowed on others, they are going to reap much more of God's Wrath than they know. Bank of America almost killed me, but these people are out for blood. No joke.

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  • Pr
    predator killer Jan 14, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My best advive to anyone dealing with Select Portfolio is to get rid of them ASAP. Because they will DEFRAUD you out of thousands of dollars, then hire lawyers who rely on a persons lack of knowledge of laws to defraud you out of your property. I know because I'm going aftem and the law firm they hired.

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  • Ca
    carnot Dec 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I WILL LIKE TO KNOW IF Select Portfolio Servicing GIVE YOU THE 15 DAYS GRACE PERIOD. AND IF YOU CAN MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS WITH WESTERN UNION. I am really afaid of this company. my rental properties was just sold to them.

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  • Fu
    F.U. SPS Jun 12, 2011

    The FTC tried them once before when they were named Fairbanks Capitol. The FTC did nothing more than fine them and slap them on their wrists. They went back to biz as usual and don't count on the BBB, FTC, AG or your politicians who may be getting campaign contributions from the banks to fight for you either. We are in a new governement..THE UNITED STATES OF THE the banks and for the banks! Class action? Well, the Fairbanks class action case didn't stop them and the lawyers made out like bandits! Only recourse is for each person harmed to get an attorney and fight it in the courts. Educate yourselves tot he fraud on sites like MSFRAUD.ORG, MIke Dioolons anti-SPS site Getdshirtz, Attorney Neil Garfield's Living Lies web blog and his youtube videos and Facebook site homeowners against mortgage servicng fraud to chat. Garfield and Atty Max Gardner (NC) have atty lists! Go to Gardner's bankruptcy Bootcamp site (site to train atty's) and look up GRADS. Much work to learn this crap that Wallstreet put us in and the servicers use to help them pull it off! Fight like hell and don't get out of your homes! Driveby inspections & BPO's? Illegal fees to add to freclosure. If you get behind on a payment...DO NOT pay by phone! Pay by either Western Union or Bank check! Then, itemize on the check what every dollar is to go to or they will put the cash where they want it to go to... their escrow, corporate advances, etc all loaded with their bogus fees! Send them a cease communications letter via certified mail return receipt requested! If they violate sue them in smll claims under violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act! $1000 fine for phone abuses after getting do not call letter. God be with you all! This is a new war on the homeland and our politicians could careless! NEVER MIND FIGHTING A WAR ON TERROR OVERSEAS on BIN LADEN, LIBYA...HOW ABOUT THE WAR HERE CAUSED BY THE BANKS? HOMELAND SECURITY GO AFTER THE BANKS AND THEIR EXECUTIVE CRIMINALS!

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  • Cw
    CwinSoCal Apr 09, 2011

    There has got to be some way to organize, and to get enough people and signatures to demand the government (who works for us unlike these sacks of sh*t) to shut down and close Select permanently. Suggestions anyone? Btw, they took my property too. Their practice is called constructive eviction, and they practice it as a method for increasing their corporate profits. Also they are foreign owned by Credit Suisse, which makes them an outside of the US attitude is lets close em down...NOW>

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  • Vi
    vikki322 Feb 22, 2011

    I lost my mom last little brother this fall only child just diagnosed with MS and now I am losing our family home of 17 yrs.
    I made payments...sent the check each month or pd online...of course they did not receive payment for 2 months according to them and they didnt tell me this until two months later when I got the foreclosure notice.They are pure other word for do we stop them...there is power in numbers...we are seeing this in Egypt and in the USA. I think we all need to go to least 500 of us...and later to Salt Lake City.They will not stop UNTIL we stop them. I am a very peaceful person but I know there will never be peace for any american as long as these vultures are allowed to go on. Are any current suits or demonstrations planned?

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  • Cw
    CwinSoCal Feb 02, 2011

    Their latest strategy is to call with people pretending to be 'solution oriented' however their basic premise remains the same: Get as much info as possible and set a foreclosure sale date. There is not end to their lack of concern for us unlucky customers. Where do we go to have this company permanently closed? It would be an improvement for humanity in general.

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  • Tj
    TJ Sheltie Jan 03, 2011

    Good luck to all - Select Portfolio has been doing this to thousands of people for years and years, under different corporate names !! We had the very same story, they bought our mortgage and told us from day one that we were behind - no, we're not, here's the proof. Well we say you are, so you are, pay this amount or lose your house. I fought and fought, while being ill in addition, for 4 years until they finally sold my house at auction, at an incredible profit (over $100, 000 more than the $169, 000 we really owed) and somehow we actually managed to get $50, 000 more that was paid to us - big deal - I still, 5 years later, want MY house back that they stole. I would love to see a class action suit against them, but by the time they get done with us, none of us has any money left to go after them !!! Contact me at [email protected] if you hear of any class action suits that come around. Thanks - good luck - stay away or get away as fast as you can !!

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  • Vb
    VBU Nov 23, 2010

    I agree, this blood sucking company tryed the very same unlawful practice with us. We are in the process of taking these people to the Attorney Generals Office. Futher information please call Dr. Jackson at "Virtual Business Unlimited LLC @ [protected]. IF WE CAN HELP WE WILL!!!

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  • Cw
    CwinSoCal Oct 22, 2010

    Beware of W.L. Ross and his liquidation plan.
    This is a copy of a letter to the Judge regarding my issues with Option One, Mr. Ross, Chase Acquisitions, and Sandcanyon Corporation. Though these guys have been beyond difficult to deal with, they have yet to address a single complaint that my attorney has put forth. Moreover, with out legal right or document managed to convince a judge to set a sale date of my property. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to the judge prior to the judgment. I think it roughly explains the issue:

    Your Honor,

    I urge you to deny the request before you to allow J.P. Morgan Chase acquisitions, San Canyon Corporation, and W.L. Ross, ET AL, acting as “Plaintiff” to proceed with foreclosure proceedings, and further deny a move forward in any type foreclosure proceedings, Sheriff' Seizure and Sale. There are problems with the instrument and the process used to create a mortgage and subsequent lien which they are asking to satisfy against the property located at 2825 Cambronne Street, New Orleans, La, 70118. This instrument and mortgage was legally rescinded in 2008 upon discovery of significant errors and issues within the loan and it terms in late 2007, and rescinded only after pleading for correction and relief personally with the Loan Servicer (Select Portfolio Servicing) who is a paid co-representative of the plaintiff. The entire group of corporations and representatives that constitute the “Plaintiff” have offered no remedy or relief to the errors that appeared in the loan, its processing and its associated documents, other than to proceed forward acting as a machine to effect a seizure and sale of my property, regardless of the lawlessness of the act and the mortgage that it created, while uniformally ignoring the legally allowed and legally served rescission of the loan.
    Moreover, the Federal Government of the United States and the President of the United States have publicly acknowledged that there are certain loans which are considered predatory and have been rightly outlawed, which appeared within the mortgage loan market in the time frame that this particular mortgage instrument was produced which is the Summer 2007. The Originators of this loan and its associated documents, are Option One Mortgage (lender) and Brian Brush (mortgage broker) who have respectively filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are out of business. Option One Mortgage bankrupted in December of 2007, and Brian Brush is no longer a loan broker based out of Frisco, Texas since 2009. This loan has proven itself to be predatory and has caused me financial harm, along side the acts of these organizations or “Plaintiff” which have consciously chosen to ignore not only my legal rights, but the law in order to effect a seizure and a sale of the property for their financial gain. As a result, a law suit seeking relief and remedy against the “Plaintiff” has been underway regarding this situation since 2009 and it is important that the property is preserved with clear title in my name to deny any further financial harm to myself as a result of the actions of the “Plaintiff”.
    Further, it should be noted that at the time this mortgage was placed upon my property, the property was paid off (I had no mortgage or liens on the property) and is my primary residence. In an effort to 'qualify' for a Loan Modification, I have rented the property since June of 2010, on a one year lease for the sum of $1150.00 per month. The rent has been paid at the first of the month and also the property has been properly maintained by the tenants in accord with the lease. The loan servicer, who is another representative of the “Plaintiff” and who negotiates and accepts all payments, will not accept $1150.00 per month or any payment at this time in an amount less than $86, 608.01 which they claim is interest and fees they have paid on this loan. It was my belief that perhaps the issues related to this loan would have been resolved faster via a modification since in that process the terms of the loan are corrected as well as the balanced owed. On multiple occasions in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 I have asked for a modification and its paperwork and have received none, in fact I have been told on multiple occasions by the loan servicer that the loan legally can not be modified, while at the same time, Chase Bank claimed to have no record of the loan. As a result of the activities of the entire situation associated with this loan, my credit has been damaged, I am not in my own home, and further I have suffered direct financial loss and harm from these activities both paying on a bad loan, and having my reputation diminished by showing a foreclosure associated with my name in print for the public on both the internet and in the Times Picayune, and as well on my credit report.
    Further, it should also be noted that in an article appearing on September 29, 2010 in the Associated Press titled “JP Morgan halts 50K foreclosures for possible flaws”, JP Morgan has publicly stated “The bank asked judges not to enter judgments against homeowners facing foreclosure until it completes its review of the problem.” Although it is my contention that the issues with this loan are far more involved that some of the minor problems that plague many of the loans JP Morgan is attempting to liquidate, it is still relevant that as a tacit admission of errors that harm “homeowners” the parent company of JP Morgan Acquisitions has asked for a a halt on judgments against homeowners because of significant errors and should be considered in this proceeding.
    Respectfully, your honor, I ask for relief in dealing with the “Plaintiff” and their representatives who are a third party acquisition team that purchased this jumbled mess after the lender filed bankruptcy. They have been unwilling to cooperate about any issue related to this “Loan” unless it provides themselves direct financial benefit, while attempting to preserve a situation designed to cause me the homeowner financial harm, and they further seek to exacerbate the problems the loan originator created and foisted not only upon myself but the “Plaintiff” as well. In addition, foreclosure is the only option these folks have offered as a solution and is completely unworkable. It serves no other purpose than to cause me further direct financial loss and harm through the liquidation of my home. I urge you to deny the “Plaintiff's” request, and further ask for help with the constellation of problems and direct financial losses this consortium of businesses has caused me.

    With Respectful Regards,
    Christopher S. Woyewodzic

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  • Sh
    Sharlela Sep 13, 2010


    Was wondering how your lawsuit is going with SPS. I was just "sold" to them and have been reading all these terrible things about them. Have you made any progress?

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  • Ro
    rojocherr Apr 05, 2010

    Heres my advice...RUN! Let me tell you what happened to me, your not gonna f'ing believe this. Okay so we have been go through what they call a forebearance plan. 3 months worth of payments than they say your monthly payment will be set yadda yadda. the truth is we have done this 5 times each time the plan was denied and than another PLAN higher of course. We got a notice in the mail from SPS saying the house was going up for auction on April 1st WTF!!! we did all they asked and they sell it right out from under u, unless we pay like 13, 000! It's a scam they are trying to get what they can and still they foreclose, I took a second job just to keep the forebarance plan. Anyway this is the f'd up part. About 3 weeks befor auction we decided to move. Rented a house started moving, didnt get it all so we went back the next week to get the rest of our things and...there were two men hired by SPS in my house!!! It was still mine by law! They crawled in the window, I called the police they were asked to leave but had paperwork so no arrests. When I started to look around I noticed they had robbed me blind! Stole around $400 worth of stereo equipment, Poured a bottle of motor oil in a box of clothing...another $500 and went through every box in my house! When I complained to SPS you know what they said? Your behind on your mortgage and you want us to reimburse you? I've reported them to BBB won't amount to much but hey gotta do something. They are crooks and trust me they are a sneaky bunch, they will tell you they can help, take your money and then deny the conversation ever took place.

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  • Ne
    needmortgagehelp Jan 29, 2009

    This company is my 1st mortgage i was out of work for a month & they told me not to worry about my mortgage payment that when i returned to work call them and they would work out a payment plan with me. When i returned to work and called to work out a payment plan they said there was nothing could do for me to help me that i would just have to pay it as i could and it would report against my credit it not paid in full.

    In the mean time i have tried working with them to get a lower intrest rate as i am on an arm but since it didnt adjust they wont work with me until it adjusts.

    Its a TERRIBLE Company do not choose them as your mortgage company if you have a choice. They act like they will look out for your best intrest then when it comes time to help you they screw you over and basically say well it looks like you can afford the house so just sell it.

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