Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.Charged me early payoff penalty when my house burnt down

I can’t say anything that the rest of you don’t already know about these snakes, they’re crooked. Anyway when my home burned down, I called SPS for a payoff price so I could get them paid, they faxed me a letter saying that it would cost 57000 to pay them off, well that didn’t make any sense to me, according to the last statement i received from the mortgage company, I owed a little over 53000, so I called sps and asked for an explanation, they told me that 2400 was for an early payoff fee, and an additional 900 was for interest through September of 2008, not only was i paying monthly interest which is basically what most of your house payment is, they charged me an additional 100 a month interest, you know what the funny thing is? They didn’t buy my loan from ditch until July house burned the end of July, so in three weeks they had slammed me for 900 in interest WOW!!! If the common man tried to do business like that they would call it grand larceny and lock us up. Oh yeah, and because they didn’t cooperate with my ins. agent and haven’t received their payoff their claiming that i owe them an additional 1048 dollars, aint nothing like kicking a man when has down you greedy b******s

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