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I have been trying for months now to get this handled. Every time I speak with another person and they have another story! Record my conversation! I hope so... I have applied for one modification..Made to much money...Tried for another...They wanted my house payment to be..$3, 367.00 a month. What...I couldn't afford that. Sent in for another modification..After months; 2 foreclosure dates. I decided to send them money any ways for 3 months. 3, 800.00...They sent it back..Wouldn't take my money. Now applied for called modification at 1, 403.00...My 31% cap is 1, 850.00..They denied my application; stating my payment needs to be at 1, 740.00..Hello...I can afford that! They said they can't up my payment on the modification...They can't allow me to do another one? I want to stay in my home...We have struggled, by now that our finances are where they need to be..They won't help! FYI... I have spend money of Paperwork Via fed x over night...$46.00 ++ a pop and some how...they always need something different. They gave me the op to sell my house in 3 months or give them 10k down? Are you kidding me? United States President.. ... I thought you are tying to help us? This isn't help...This is a JOKE!

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  • Vb
      Nov 23, 2010

    I had SPS and after 10, 000 and sleepless night and everyday run around I went out and got help. As it turned out SPS was taking my money in an attempt to modify my loan and doing what ever with it. I went to a friend who refered me to a great company "Virtual Business Unlimited, LLC" and met with Dr. Jackson.As it turned out he put SPS on blast and they sold my loan to another company. They attempted to put the house in forecloser however two (2) of their lawyers sent the paperwork back to them noting errors in their practices. We are looking to taking this to the courts. Give Dr. Jackson a call the conversation will not cost you. In the end the company that bought my loan because of the wrong that SPS had done Im now receiving money back. They are wrong with what they do to the community. Try this and call 757-223-4739 ask for James Jackson, I promise you you will sleep at night. RJ

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  • Sk
      Jan 06, 2011

    Call the FTC. Write your congressmen: State senator, legislator. Call your Attorney General, BBB, etc. More than welcom e to call me. Scot Stanley 707-228-6028

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