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Last Tuesday, 09 April 2012, 08:30 AM, I was on transfer from an flight from South America, to The Netherlands via Paris CDG, I had a problem with the security team at Paris CDG.
Nobody from the security team spoke English and they did not accepted a perfume of 200 ml which was in a sealed plastic bag, according to the law, by the airport I boarded from.
I had the impression they wanted to keep the perfume for themselves as I could also not throw the perfume away.
The explanation was that the sealed bag from another airport is not accepted in France (??).
The perfume in this case is the less important for me (even though it coasted me a lot of money), my complain goes over a team that is arrogant and impolite and treat the passenger very badly,
and second, a team that works at the airport needs to speak English. When I said I would fill in a complain and would like to speak to the supervisor, I looked at his badge to see his name, but they switch the badge to the other side so I could not see the names.
This is absolutely unacceptable and I am considering take legal measures against the airport unless I receive a formal explanation for this, if there is any explanation, so wrote to the airport to ask if possible to take measures if the personnel receive any training at all... Parisians have a very bad reputation, but they should be professional at least! Is revolting! I would recommend to avoid this airport.

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      5th of Sep, 2012

    I understand your frustration! Today at 3pm Gate 2G security belt number 5 my bag got stopped by a security officer. I was travelling with my mum from San Francisco on our way to Genoa. My mum has no English or French and has little flight experience. She got worried that this would cause a delay and that we would miss our connection flight. The officer commented that it was useless to be annoyed as she should have been there 2 hrs earlier, I promptly responded that we were coming from SF. I could not believe his reaction as he pushed the guy who was supposed to check my bag then started to yell at me that it was none of my business and that he would do everything in his power to make us miss the flight and sleep in the airport! He started pulling my personal belonging out of the bag and as I requested to speak to a manager he said there was none on duty. I kept asking and eventually he proclaimed himself the manager, as I asked for his name he obscured his ID badge and told he was the only one allowed to ask questions. Then he called the police on us. I approached another 5 members of staff who were standing amused beside us and asked them to contact a manager: they literally laughed at me. So I had to find someone on my own. When I finally found a manger he came with me to the belt and instructed the officer to proceed rapidly to inspect my bag, needless to say the officer kept going trough my belongings very slowing and making fun of me ignoring the manager that at that stage had visibly no authority whatsoever. I then approached a director who just said " thanks for your feed back" and walked away leaving his member of staff still yelling at me. The whole experience terrified my mother as she could not understand what was going on she felt treated as a criminal. I believe security staff should be there to protect and help passengers instead of abusing of their power. I am so disgusted with the officer behaviour but even more upset with the other staff and management that simply watched, laughed and did not care

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  • Pr
      15th of Oct, 2012

    I am an Indian National Travelling in Europe for 20day. At thee start of my trip first I arrived at Paris CDG airport on 12the September Around 10.30 in thee morning by Turkish Airways. While coming out of thee aircraft i noticed theere was two security officers carefully checking each passengers passport and thee visa related documents withe magnifying glass, i guess to ensure people entering France are not carrying forged documents, theis process took some time as thee security personnel were very detailed on theeir job. I also gave my passport and it was carefully verified by thee officer. i theen approached to thee immigration counter and presented my passport, thee clerk looked at my passport and asked "show me your hotel bookings and otheer travel proof" I told him all my booking are in my i phone and hard copies are in my check-in luggage. I theen tried to show him thee bookings on my phone but he refused to see. He theen asked my to step-aside and wait, i kept waiting while he keeps letting otheer passengers pass-by. I noticed about 15 - 20 mins later he spoke to some of his colleague and called me and said "do you have money on you and credit card" i said yes, he theen insisted me to show him, I was carrying about 1000Euro cash and had my theree credit cards, i reluctantly pulled out and kept in-front of him, he looked at thee cash and credit card and stamped my passport. I only have one question as Indian National to get a Schengen i have to produce several documents which includes complete confirmed hotel and travel bookings as well as last six monthe bank details withe sufficient funds. After having produced all thee information i was given thee visa and thee autheencity of visa was checked at thee airport by thee officers theen why was made wait and why i was insulted in-front of many otheer passengers to produce cash and credit card at thee immigration? This was very very insulting and my visit to Europe started on a very very sad note. I don't theink theis is appropriate. Priya Ranjan Singh

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