Sealtest / Agropur Dairy Cooperative3.25% milk with expiry date of dec. 4, 2018

Good afternoon,

I'm writing to inform you that there may be an issue with the batch of milk (3.25% homogenized in the red and white bag and carton) with an expiry date of December the 4th, 2018.

On Saturday November 24th, I picked up a bag of milk (3L) package for my 14month old and 4 year old children. After opening the bag, I poured a bottle for my baby and noticed after her feeding, the milk had curdled. I didn't notice at first but figured it curdled more after I had heated the bottle. We returned the bag of milk to the same store the following day (November 25th), also showing the residue on the bag to the merchant. My husband picked up a carton in exchange and the same incident occurred with the Carton. The milk has curdled in my daughters bottle. This never happens after heating the Bottle. We threw out that milk and November 26th, I returned to another store in our town (3rd time) thinking it may have been an issue with the store and purchased another bag of milk with the same expiry date. We noticed that this bag was ok but tasted a little sour. Three separate occurrences happened in two different stores. I'm wondering if its an issue with the batch. As you can see, the milk hasn't gone passed the expiry date of December 4th, 2018.

My concern is that the batch is bad and people should not be consuming the product, certainly not young children (in our case). As of yet, I didn't notice any symptoms in my children, hopefully this will remain the case. please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions or concerns.


Melissa Wilson

Nov 27, 2018

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