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RE: S0076-2762787
Would give zero star review if could! Its not the store its the AFTERCARE team

We bought our 1st ever brand new sofa in September for £2500 its a special chiropractic one by Dec it was twice broken the seats are all faulty and when u sit on one the other is like an armrest! It's bn going on since Dec they've sent technician out 3 times but he takes photos underneath! He Really scared me last time cos he was on phone to manager while here and i asked him to admit he'd Sat on it and how bad it was - his eyes were flashing angry he was Literally Yelling at me! They've cut 1" seat pads in half - stuffed them in Half of each cushion and said That's for goodwill! It's awful. We've gotta go through Solicitors now with our home insurance.

May 16, 2017

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