Good morning 

I am contacting you because about 4/5 years ago we bought 1 large 2 seater and a small 2 seater we paid cash and also took extra cover on it.

From day 1 we have had the same ongoing problem with the reclining.

The power packs have gone the buttons on the side have stopped working and they never last longer than a couple of months.

We have always called out castalan the extra protection for them to fix it .

And they just keep replacing it and replacing it and replacing it.

Now we are not covered anymore and the reclining on the large sofa has gone yet again.

You can't even put this down to ware and tear because it's run from the electrics and it's been a mechanical problem from day 1.

I am not happy because the sofa itself is in good condition but the mechanical side has never been up to satisfactory standard and this is nothing that we have done or at fault with. 

Now I am stuck with a sofa yet again that is not working again we only had castalan out few months back and now we are no longer covered to have it fixed.

We bought the sofas from the chesterfield store myself and my husband the sofas are in my husbands name Mr Mark Swift 

This sofa should not have had all these problems and I feel because of the mechanical failure on it constantly we should have been offered a replacement sofa .

But nobody has ever offered us anything just kept fixing the same problem for it within a couple of months to break down again. 

Hope to hear from you soon or I may have to take this further 

Kind reguards 

Mrs A Swift 

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May 10, 2017

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