SCSsofa and carpet

After paying cash for a carpet and two sofas we were told the carpet would come on the 11th December then the date changed. When it came it had been cut too small. Then it was out of stock. Another day off work to choose another carpet. only got it fitted because Chad pulled out all stops. Then on the 24th December the sofas arrived Iwas at work and would not have accepted them but we had taken the old suite away and it WAS Christmas. It February 10th and we have had no official apology fro SCS only the shop manager who is doing his best. All the staff at Stockport are helpful but they cannot help really. Today I phoned head office only to be promised a call back. It never came...I did not get the carpet of choice and did not get the sofas of choice, They have had my money...they have broken the contract, no apology I am going to request a refund...

Feb 09, 2015

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