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Bought a 3 seater and two seater from scs paid on 4 year interest free credit. "sofas took 4 weeks to arrive over the date giveni.e. 3 months arrived damaged took several complaints and phonecalls to get a "technician" to arrive on a date i wanted. Waited another two weks for them to come and fix it no joy phoned yet again assured that they would be in touch to fix the damage again no information or contact, have now told them i am rejecting the sofa and cancelling the credit agreement so we'll see if losing my business will concentrate their tiny lazy minds. Never have i done business with a more useless apathetic company who are quick to sell and then basically ignore you. Their customer services are particularly bad sending a reply to my letter of complaint with a bog standard letter a chimpanzee could have written they may as well have turned up at my house and stuck their middle finger up through my letter box and posted a dog turd as a final insult. I spent over a thousand pound with them and i now have to reclaim any money i paid and go and get another sofa. Oh by the way you are not buying your sofa from scs you are getting it from a company called sofaco who are equally apathetic and think that the customer should organise their lives around their technicians and will try to hide behind their diaries to get you to give up your working day to do their bidding. So shame on you both i hope you will go out of business as you do not deserve to be in business.

Gosh that feels better very carthartic

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  • Fi
      Aug 27, 2009

    i do agree ..bort a suite, thinking that it was ok.3 seater and a 4 seater..its not complicated.all i wanted was abit of comfort and posiible around 5 years of use..Had my old suite for 15yr and its still resting bottoms on it.
    Scs are possible the worse company in the suite world of stupid people..What a farce, the setee i bort ripped at the seams, heaven forbid i mention the filling.More filling in a fry Bentos steam meat pudding..
    phoned up made my complaint, so they sent a person round.OHHHH DEAR LORD HELP ME..thankfully my husband was home...what a complete ###ing idiot..he proceeded to puff my cushion up and tell TELL me how to do such a job..When i explained the creeking he ssaid that most suite have natural noises..what an utter load of [censored]e. he then got some arrows out of hos bag..YOU KNOW WHAT THE WHOLE ###ING PROCESS WAS JUST EMBASSING...this man was in my home making me feel so angry...scs you are a shameful company...SHAMEFUL...You have sold a substarded suite which is of poor money is hard earnt and realiable...But no one gives a ### ...

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  • Ju
      May 16, 2018

    Had someone to put two sofas from s.c.s Wright forth time he only took photos of them took a statement about the problems they are so uncomfortable they put fibre in was not aware of this till the problems started they said we took ask for form we never had the choice now they say they can't put any more fibre in them so we are stuck with two sofas that are no good to sit on unless I pay them two hundred pounds to put the sofas Wright witch we can't afford my wife sits on the bed instead a six month old sofas they are that uncomfortable as she is disabled

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