SCS / endurance ashley corner unit

Nottingham, England, East Midlands, United Kingdom

We brought this just over 2 years ago at a cost of £1680 and within a couple of months of delivery started having problems with the material and the recliners both snapped.

Despite going round in circles with SCS they have lied their way out of fixing it by claiming that I have accepted their engineers findings and decision of accidental damage because I signed a piece of paper to say he had been out, although apparently this actually meant I accepted this decision which I clearly don't.

I had been told that someone would contact me to let me know what they would do about it off the back of that visit and no one did.

One year later and still in the same situation I called SCS again to be told it could not be investigated again as it already was prwviously but that the matter would be referred to their head office.

My husband was then told upon contacting their head office today that I had accepted an offer of potential quotes for repairing the problem, when nothing of the sort was agreed by me certainly with regard to paying anymore than I have already on something that clearly isn't worth it.

We have been told that the metal joints snapping in the recliners are a result of misuse and not a shoddy product which unless we live with incredibly strong individuals such as certain superheroes is clearly disputable.

I now have to try and get the other insurance I was sold at the time I brought the sofa to fix it so again more waiting and messing around.

Everyone thinks these big companies are trustworthy but I can tell you first hand never again will I purchase anything from them. What a complete waste of money, my kids could have made one out of play dough stronger than this.

Jan 25, 2017

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