SCSdreamer chaise sofa

I ordered this sofa on 14th January 2017, with a 14 week delivery window.
I subsequently received a telephone call in April to say my sofa would be in the warehouse on 28th April and to agree a delivery date - Tuesday 2nd May 2017.
I was told the delivery driver would ring me one hour before delivery. I waited until nearly lunchtime and then rang to confirm my sofa would definitely be delivered (our property is not easy to find & delivery drivers often have a problem). I was assured the sofa was on the van, ready for delivery. I rang again at about 3pm as I was becoming concerned about the delivery. I was again assured the sofa was on the delivery van & the driver would, indeed, ring me one hour before delivery. I was also told my delivery 'slot' was between 1 - 5pm. I rang again at 4.15pm and explained that if my delivery was before 5pm & the driver would ring 1 hour before, it was now 4.15 & he hadn't rung.
She assured me it was definitely on the delivery van & maybe the driver had been held up. She then said, "oh, wait a minute, there's a balance to pay on this furniture". I agreed and told her I had the money with me, ready to pay. She said that, unfortunately, drivers were not able to accept payment (understandable), and I would have to pay, in the store.
I asked to speak to a manager (Aaron ??), who was rude, defensive and extremely patronising. He basically called me a liar when I explained no-one had informed me that I had to pay the balance, instore, 48hrs before delivery. His words were, "I can't believe you have spoken to 4 or 5 different people and no-one told you to come in to pay the balance." I assured him that absolutely no-one had mentioned paying the balance prior to delivery and that is why I had the money, in an envelope, by my side. He again reiterated that I would have been told & that it was basic company training (or something along those lines). His only solution was to reschedule delivery for Saturday 6th May. I explained that I am going on holiday and there would be no-one there to accept it on 6th, PLUS, my old sofa was now out in the garden, getting wet because it was raining. He insisted it could only be delivered on Saturday.
I was getting nowhere with this gentleman (who is definitely in need of Customer Care training), so I asked for the number of Head Office.
I rang this number, spoke to a young lady who, after several minutes connected me to- none other than Mr Aaron ?? He apologised for the mix up and asked if a Friday 5th May delivery would be acceptable. I said, "Thank you, that will be most acceptable". He then said that it was all booked in and my sofa would arrive on Friday.
Friday (5 May) is now here and I rang the store about 12pm to check that my sofa was definitely arriving today. The young lady checked and said it was out for delivery for SATURDAY, and not today. I asked to speak to Aaron but it's his day off, apparently. She checked with the warehouse and said that Aaron had definitely put the delivery down for tomorrow, between 12 - 6pm. I explained to her that I'd already told Aaron Saturday wasn't acceptable as we were going on holiday. She was very apologetic but could do nothing further.
She gave me a number to ring, to complain - [protected]. I rang this number, spoke to someone who asked for the nature of my call. She then transferred me to another number, only to have an answerphone message tell me they couldn't take my call today so please leave a message!
Unbelievable!! I now have to ask a relative to "house-sit" tomorrow, until the sofa arrives. To add insult to injury, we've had to sit on the floor all week!

May 05, 2017

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