SCScuddle sofa line no: l012067 & a twister chair line no:l012076

I bought a cuddle sofa and twister chair from you in Feb 2014.
I do not have alot of money and bought this sofa with money my late mother had left me all of that money went on a sofa I thought would last alot longer than it has. Its awful I've had nothing but trouble with it. We had someone come out on 2 separate occasions to refill the cushions after a couple of months and where the cushions were refilled they left a large tear/rip in the cushion, the zip has come off the large cushion on the twister chair so I have to keep pulling it back on its so so flat it's unreal and when I came to choose my sofa I was told this settee was the best one for me because I explained I did not want a sofa that had to be plumped up on a daily basis and I definitely was not told that it would go as flat and uncomfortable as it has. I was then sold a 5 year warranty which when taking that out I was told it covered me for anything that went wrong with the sofa in those 5 years, when I called to say the sofa was flat again they told me I was not covered for that absolute joke. And now on one side of the sofa the material has all come off. Paying £1249 plus another £200 for a warranty which is useless I think this is disgusting and I will be going to the ombudsman if nothing is not done about this. Please can you reply to this email within 7 working days
Many thanks

May 06, 2017

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