Scotts LawnServicePoor service

We noticed last summer our back yard was not looking as healthy as our front yard. We had been using Scotts for awhile. I called to ask for an extra service call, only to find out they had not been servicing my back yard. NOW they were charging me for the complete service, even though the tech knew he was only doing half the job. They issued some credits, and were told once the year was complete we did not want them back again. In April, I came home and it looked like someone had ridden a four wheeler thru my yard. I found a notice on my door from Scotts saying they couldn't do the service in my yard due to the dogs being in the back. I called and told them they weren't supposed to be servicing my yard- we had hired someone else. I was told they automatically came out, but we had told them not to. Now I am getting a bill for a supposed service in Feb. We have called for over a month and have been told that Steve the manager would call us back. After 4 weeks of messages we are now getting a letter saying they are sending us to collections because we have not contacted them!! So of course, if they did any service to the yard it was only half a service due to our dogs being in the back!! They are dishonest from the inside out!! Do not use this service. They do not stand by what they sell.

Jun 29, 2014

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