Scotts Lawn ServiceRuined my lawn and mulch beds

C1 Whitehall, PA Review updated:

This company ruined my lawn... They aerated and oveseeded in the fall. A part of my lawn died and turned to mud. The overseeding was spread into my mulch beds and now my landscaping grew grass... All the edging grew grass!! everything grew grass but the lawn! I had worked out with the manager that he would hold off the bill until the spring and until the issue was rectified. All winter long I got collection calls... I mean all winter, every day and night. The company was so ride and disrespectful.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Whitehall, PA Out of desperation for peace and quiet, I just paid the guy. So, now they send a guy out, throw some seed down on the bare ground and pulled a full weeds... Still have grass in the beds. I went ahead and had sod put down in the yard so I had a lawn in the back. Still no refund. Scott's and all these other lawn companies are a total scam. They offer crap services and for the most part, ruin your lawn. Beware especially if you live in the Lehigh Valley since these guys are not reputable nor do they take care of known issues.

Scotts Lawn Service
Scotts Lawn Service

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  • Am
      Apr 22, 2011


    I am with Scotts LawnService Corporate in Marysville, OH. I am sorry to hear there was a concern with our service. I would like to help. Please drop me an email with your name and street address. My email address is amanda.[protected]


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  • C1
      Apr 22, 2011

    Hello, Email sent, I wish my own Scott's showed some concern! How did you find this complaint???

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  • Wh
      May 10, 2012
    Scotts Lawn Service - Abysmal Service
    Scott's Lawn Service
    United States

    To whom it may concern,

    With my first call on Jan 24, 2017 I called to ask someone to come out because weeds were just barely appearing and I was told we were not on the schedule but they would get me on the schedule.

    After waiting a week and no one had called or come out so I called again and again I was told I had not been placed on the schedule Then they asked me "Who did you talk to? Who said they would get you on the schedule?" I rarely feel it necessary to have to record the person's name when I call a service company, so shame on me. I was told again I'd be put on the schedule and I have that person's name on my calendar at my office, but still nothing.

    On Feb. 6th another call was placed asking when we were getting some help.
    On Feb 21st 2 more calls were placed on Feb 21st when they tried to arrange a last minute service for the next day and we would not be home.
    On Feb 22nd another call was placed to Scott's
    On Feb 23rd another call to Scott's
    On Feb 27th they finally arrived

    In one of the latter calls, we had a scheduled time for service and they did not show and we found out that the tech's truck was broken down and they would not be out, once again.

    With no other company have I ever been a high maintenance customer. However, my dealings with this branch of Scott's has, I feel, put me in a position to be a more demanding one. Last year, I struggled last year with the lack of attention to details 1) we have dogs and the gates are locked so you must call to schedule your arrivals, and 2) Thursdays were not an option yet they continued to attempt to schedule service on that day in spite of being repeatedly told not to. By the end of the last season everything was running smoothly and I was satisfied, but with the new season starting Scott's is back to the same failures as we had when we first began our "partnership" I am not willing to continue to do so any longer.

    It's been 2+ weeks since the service and I have already spent 2+ days pulling the weeds out of my zoysia lawn that were supposed to die within 10-14 days of treatment and still have another 1+ days to go. If you could have been here timely I would not be having to do this. The continued delays in coming out are costing me a great deal of what was supposed to be free time with my family. I do not need the agravation and constant following up required to be one of your customers

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  • Am
      May 10, 2012


    I am sorry to read about your concerns. I am with Scotts LawnService Corporate office in Ohio. I would like to help. I have listed my email address below, please feel free to contact me.

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnSerivce

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  • Sf
      May 27, 2012
    Scotts Lawn Service - Horrible
    Ft Myers Florida
    United States

    Scott's is a SCAM. I have had them for 10 months now and I am completely and utterly dissapointed. I have never had so many weeds in my yard, some of them grow to 3 feet tall and are still standing tall, green as ever. According to the Technician notes, they take 5 weeks to begin to wilt, Really???? There are a few homes in this community in foreclosure that have better looking yards. I used to put down my own granules and it looked 1000 times better. It's hilarious, within 3 days of servicing they begin calling saying there is a problem with my account and then when I call, they say I have a past due balance. All they care about is their money. I'm even having other lawn service companies coming to the house telling me that everything imaginable is wrong with the lawn. I'm embarassed to say I have a lawn service company, they will laugh in my face. Anyways, after this Holiday weekend, I will drop Scott's, I've had enough.

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