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As a former employee of Scotts Lawn Service I would be gravely concerned of not only their services but what kind of employees they have on the job. Let me go in to more detail of employee’s histories and in which several are still employed at Scotts.
• Lets start with the 2 employees ( lawn techs) that sub sequentially failed their drug
Tests. Of these 2 employees I currently still works at Scotts. Both employees purchased a home
Drug test as they were told of the upcoming drug test in which they also took a supplement to
Try beating the test. Needles to say the inexpensive home test showed them of no traces of drugs. They took the labs test which was a little more thorough and they failed. This was all Covered up in which they were retested at a much later date and subsequently passed. Needless
To say how they passed is beyond my knowledge. The head management of Scotts was told of
This the Director, Northeast Region at Scotts Lawn Service, Senior Director Northeast
Region at Scotts Lawn Service, Head of Scott’s lawn Service. I will give you more detail of
Their email's and phone #'so if you would like to contact them as to find out of the type
Of employees that work for them.
• Now I would like to discuss the employee that is currently working with Scotts as sales
Man. He came aboard as an aerator employee. He worked for one year and became a salesperson
The following season. Needles to say he was working for approximately for 5 years when he
Were caught stealing checks from customers? In more detail what he did was sell a job as a lawn
• When the job was supposed to be done the customer questioned why the back yard wasn't
Done the manager said this price would not include the back it would be additional charge. He
Stated that the current invoice did not reflect on his payment in his check book. To verify this
We asked for a copy of his check in which he supplied. The check was deposited in to a Scotts
Lawn service account which was signed by the salesman and was a totally different total of the
Invoice. When questioned the salesman broke down and admitted to stealing checks and
Sending in money orders and/or cash with bogus estimates to reflect the submitted totals and
Pocketing the difference. In more detail this person used to pick up the mail and was stealing
Smaller checks in which when customers were sent new statements they would mostly just
Send in new checks not bothering to check there check book. The few that did were credited.
• This salesman also pleaded for us not to turn him in because when he came to originally work with us he was on probation for serving time for theft of services. He offered to show the bank statement from when he opened the bogus account and pay it all back. The management made a decision to keep him on as a employee like the other 2.This was because he was such a good salesman and it out weighed his criminal behavior and they agreed for him to pay them back
And would not contact the authorities.
• With this I as customer would be gravely concerned of what kind of employees are
Coming to service my property. Below I will supply you with the names of the above
Mentioned managements. Email and or phone #'so and if you would like to contact them. With
That I would always recommend smaller companies preferably owner operated. Look for more
To come of an internal memo I will discuss of what upper management did for The Scotts EPA Recall.

Director, Northeast Region, Tina Elgin
Email Tina.[protected]

Senior Director Northeast Region, Dana.Irwin
Email dana.[protected] Phone # [protected]

Head of Scotts Lawn service Peter Korda Phone # [protected]
Email peter.[protected]
If your message is urgent contact Libbi Gallagher at [protected] orLibbi.[protected] She has nothing to do with this just another relay to contact Peter or Dana.

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  • Li
      Apr 29, 2013

    Do NOT use this lawn service!!! You'll regret it!!!

    A Scotts sales rep (Mark) knocked on my door (unsolicited )to pitch Scotts Lawn Service. I agreed having Scotts treat my lawn every 4-6 weeks at 46.00 a treatment which included the front back and side yards. I PERSONALLY walked the sales rep around the perimeter of the property so he was WELL aware of the area agreed to be treated on the service agreement. I asked Mark (sales rep) how Scotts could treat my entire yard for 46.00 per treatment, his response "we can lower the rates of treatments because we've canvased for and gained enough business in the Seymour area to do so."

    I signed up, the service technician showed up TWO weeks after, treated the lawn and DID NOT leave an invoice. I spoke with someone in the Knoxville office named Paul who stated that the service technician didn't leave an invoice because the square footage was WRONG on the service agreement. Paul insisted that the square footage was an "error" and to treat my yard in the future would be double. I suggested to Paul that this was deceiving and poor business practices. He insisted it was a mistake. It's NO MISTAKE... it's called bait and switch.

    If a Scotts Lawn Service Rep comes knocking at your door you're going to get RIPPED OFF!!!

    +1 Votes
  • Ne
      Jul 03, 2014

    These people are liars. I have to call every time to ask when they are coming and they lied to me about doing the crab grass treatment.
    When I signed up I told the guy I wanted the crab Grass post emergent immediately 4 weeks later Im still waiting and lisening to the ### at Scotts tell me "maybe next week", I cancelled, they suck. My yard is now a ###ing mess thanks to these ###s!

    +1 Votes

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