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They had called me in Fall of 2008 and asked if I was pleased, I said actually no. I want to cancel my service. Come Spring 2009, they started up again. I didn't enter into the 'prepay' contract like I had done years before. I ignored any solicitation they sent. After my husband sees them at our property, I contacted them. They would not remove the charge for the work they performed that day. I was under contract with another company. So, I would be charged for the same work 2x. After so many automated calls, I would often speak to a rep who said they were looking into it. I get a letter from collections. They shouldn't be allowed to do automatic rollover service without written authorization. I've contacted the attorney general. I also paid them to get rid of them. I'm hoping my $37.89 will be lost in their profits from my big mouth telling all friends/ family NOT to use them.

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  • Le
      May 18, 2012

    I have a similar problem with Scotts Lawn Service, but different location, Puyallup, WA. The rep came and asked me if I wanted their fertilization service. I told him that I was only interested in one service, not regular repeated service. I told him to make sure not to send any one back. Sure enough, they came back a couple of months later and left an invoice. I called them a few times to tell them what happened and requested them to void the invoice. Almost a year later, I got a note from collection agency for not paying the bill. I was too busy and didn't want to waste my time to deal with it, so I pay the bill, but it still left a dent in my credit report. To make matter worse, a week later, I got another invoice from Scotts Lawn Service that was left at my front door for the service that they just did, but I never requested. This company is a real SCAM. They need to be put out of business for being operating FRAUDULENTLY! I will make sure to spread the words to whereever I can so people don't do business with this company!

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  • Ge
      Dec 18, 2012

    Its all ### bad service, they dont cover the entire lawn, My lawn went from not looking too good to worse in 8months the weeds are coming in faster than before with dead areas here and there, when I call the office its all ### they tell me I will have a checkup visit There were no signs anyone came, I call again nothing is done approx 300 dollars later My lawn is ### now, Scotts hdqtrs should not allow this Because their name is being put to shame

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