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Schneider National Carriers / Fraud and lies

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I drove for Schneider National Carriers for a year as a company driver, then decided to try to become an owner operator through their tractor lease to own program.

The deck was stacked against me before I ever left the yard due to several factors: High fuel costs (fuel surcharge was never enough even when driving slower than company trucks), low miles due to dispatcher/ truck constantly being in shop for repairs (truck was a complete lemon).

For 8 months I struggled to make a profit, but could never make it. Schneiders lease program is a sham and it is impossible to succeed unless you violate DOT rules.


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  • Ge
      10th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Schneider freight is cheap and this company will run your truck in the ground.There freight is set up so you only can make so much money per week with schduled load and unload times its almost impossible to make a decent living.Ya you may get a pay settlement every week but most of the money you make goes right back in there hands.I strongly discourage anyone that is an owner operator to buisness with this company they are crooked.

  • Fl
      8th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think Schneider could be a good company if they wanted to. Despite slashing the throats of competitors in the freight war, they now have to swallow what they created, which is lower freight rates. They also have decided to make owner operators pay thier base plates and permits. You might have a good week, or two, then you will break even. Its hard for them to keep everyone happy because with 12, 000 drivers and 7, 000 loads, someone is not going to get a paycheck that week. They will let you make good money, 1, 200.00 to 1, 800.00 a week for a couple months, then you will sit and wait to get a load. If 1900 miles a week seem a lot to you, think again when your bills and fuel are 2200 a week!! They really need to take care of the owner operators that are dedicated to them for truck payment, because if they made decent money they wouldnt turn the truck in and file bankruptcy!!! Hope you can make it, because Im sinking fast!!

  • Ra
      26th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

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  • Am
      2nd of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I had almost 6 years truck driving experience with different companies before I decided to lease with Schneider. So, I felt like I knew how the system works. With Schneider you pick your own loads, however, the loads are only 80 cents to 1 dollar (if you're lucky) per mile. Unfortunately, there was no way I could make ends meet since fuel is about 30 cents per mile and your maintenance account will be about 30 cents per mile. Then there's the DEF expense, which is an additional $40 every few trips. Also, you'll need washer fluid, $300 chains, oil, and forced maintenance by Schneider. What does that add up to? -You are set up for failure, which seems to be exactly what they want to happen to you. The truck payment and full coverage insurance (you'll want that -by the way, since some idiot could hit your truck and a hawk might crack your windshield) was just over $1200 per week! I should have backed away slowly once I found that out! You are set up to only earn about $800 per week. Even when you run hard. So by the end of the week, you'll end up owing Schneider $400. If you don't have savings, forget about it. I had to borrow money from family just to pay them. I stayed with it for several months. I figured out that the ONLY way you can make it is through hiring a second driver since you can't afford to stop rolling. Anyway, once I dropped off my keys and truck (cleaner than when I got it) with Schneider and they told me I still owed them $2800! Well, I paid it off with the help of my family. Then I received my M-1099 as an "independent contractor." Schneider claimed that I made over $10, 000 in the few months that I worked there. That was a big fat lie! So, I took out all my saved receipts and barely broke even! In the mail they keep advertising that they want a company driver... Pfffffft! Never!

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