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SBI - Credit Cards / beware of sbi and ge nexus for recovery of credit card dues

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Hi dear friends

First of all we all must be very careful that "SBI" is no longer in the lines of credit card business. It has taken over or surrendered to the American banks like "GE" and "CITI BANK". They are using their crafty network to collect money and send rowdies to collect their dues. In the name of SBI thses banks are enxentign their tentacles every where.

As rightly pointed out by one of the credit card consumer forum president Rs 6000/- crores were earned by these credit card business only from Interest and service charges.

Further don't listen to them when they phone.

While, on record, banks refuse to admit that they’re aware that many recovery agents cross the line, off the record, spokespersons say using abusive language or threatening customers is the only option at times.

You please record those people vocie if oyu have a voice recorder. If you have digital camara taken those intrude your house or your any primises.

What you can do

If you’re harassed or intimidated on phone, tap the phone and get the local police to record a non-cognisable offence

In case of a physical assault, file a first information report
If the harassment continues and the police do not cooperate, approach a lower court and file a case under Section 190

The State and District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum is also an option where consumers could file a case under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and ask for interim relief and compensation for mental harassment.

one of the recent vedict for credit card users view.......

THE State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chennai, has asked Standard Chartered Bank to pay Rs 20 lakh to a couple for deficiency of service. The bank has been given two months to pay the compensation to the complainants, Capt A. Ranganathan and his wife, Mrs Lakshmi Ranganathan.

In its order, the commission comprising Mr Justice A. Raman, President, and Mrs R. Vanaroja and Mr Pon Gunasekaran, members, said it found the claim of Rs 20 lakh as compensation by the complainants "quite reasonable considering the nature of insult and onslaught committed by the opposite party to the self-respect, dignity and honour of the complainants."

Action against recovery agents


If you are not a defaulter, and your bank, finance company, cell-phone operator is harassing you to extort money through recovery agents then follow these steps:

1) Note down the telephone number from where the call is originating.

2) Try to get the name of caller.

3) If he visits you personally, ask for his identity card of employment in the institution from which you have subscribed the services.

4) If he is not the employee of the institute, you have no liability to deal with him as you have no contract/agreement of service with him.

5) immediately complain in writing to the Senior Inspector of the police station in your locality informing the telephone number and the name of person.

6) Complain to the head of institution- like Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, etc. about the incident and their defective services.

7) Complain to the Banking Ombudsman, if it is a banking institution.

8) Complain to the Chairman, Reserve Bank of India, who is responsible for all the banks in India.

9) Enclose the copy of the police complaint when you complain to these officers.

10) Write to the media.


1) Recovery through agents is illegal.

2) Banks are not supposed to divulge your financial details and your address and telephone number to a third party.

3) Third party cannot represent your service provider for such crucial and sensitive information.


1) Do not give any money to recovery agents as you have no contract with them.

2) Give money to your service provider only against proper receipt.

3) If any recovery agent calls you to any place, don't go alone, take the police with you and get them arrested. Plain clothes policemen will accompany you if need arises. If there is any emergency, dial telephone number 100 and inform the police control room your location.


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