Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines / Saudia Airlinesreturn date wrongly issued and not ready to change the return date

I booked a ticket from Chennai to Los Angeles with the date 27 Jan 2019 to 18 Jul 2019 for my mom medical treatment in Los Angeles.. I received the ticket with wrong return date as 16 may 2019.. when I tried to check with customer care they are telling it's a promotional price for 4 months that's why system automatically generated for 16 may 2019..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in La Verne, CA ok I also requested to change return date and will pay for it they are telling it's not possible which is weird and unethical because it was not mentioned anywhere tthat uts the price for 4 months promotion.. I have been working with customer care for the past 10 days to get the above info..they are accepting its Saudia's mistake but they can't help it seems. I have a proof where for the same price and same dates I booked via cheapoair and cancelled it thinking that Booking directly in Saudia Airlines is better than third party site.. For the last 5 years my family was traveling in Saudia and I got really frustrated with this fraud activity of Saudia.. hope some action will be taken.

Dec 10, 2018

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