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I needed to visit home on urgent personal matters from Ethiopia to Sri Lanka, hence I got my Travel Agent to get me the best offer and the least layover so I could make the trip.
I was issued a ticket Addis Ababa to Jeddah, Jeddah Colombo on a flight on the 27th (SV 420 Addis - Jeddah and 28th SV 780 Jeddah - Colombo)
As arrived early went to check in and the counter assistant refused to check in as she pointed out the layover was too long at Jeddah and I needed a visa. I immediately tried calling my travel agent as the counter assistant wanted to know how I was issued a ticket without visa. However to sort things I was referred to the Airline representative who was kind enough to check all systems and say you cannot board this flight. However there is an alternative, you have to wait one more day in Addis and travel tomorrow night 27th evening so that I can catch the 28th morning SV 780 from Jeddah.
I returned, purchased a ticket as instructed on Ethiopian Airlines and departed Addis to catch the flight from Jeddah.
As I arrived in Jeddah terminal I asked for my departure terminal to which I had to wait over one and half hours to be transferred to the terminal. Shocked and almost late I arrived at Terminal S keeping ample time to check in. However at the entrance transit counter I was stopped and questioned why I did not fly in the previous day, after which they informed me there is a technical issue in my ticket and cannot let me in the terminal. I was there until the flight was announced whilst they were saying it was not sorted, ultimately they informed me that I cannot board the flight and they are working on it and I might be able to board the Midnight flight with a wait of 17 hours at the airport.
I killed time and awaited instructions cut off from the world as there is no mobile, Internet or calling service available in this area. I could not connect with my travel agent or office colleagues to inform the calamity.
At 6:30 pm after a 12 hour wait they informed me that I need to purchase a ticket and wanted me to pay $ 2000 to which I freaked. They informed the flight is full, however you can purchase a Business class ticket.
In shock I said I didn't carry that amount of money, hence they wanted me to wait and at 7:30pm they wanted me to go to a counter change $ 500 and purchase a ticket to Colombo on SV 786 which I did.
I was able to fly on this craft to Colombo and which was one disastrous experience.
My view
Never travel Saudi Arabian Airlines if you don't like to be treated well and respected
The staff is really unfriendly and loud, everyone sounds like boss
Airport staff not at all helpful and don't know what to do
No internet or mobile connectivity to solve an issue
No smoking zone, only staff smoke in small corners or rooms
Only metal seats and a few cousin seats no tv or any other thing to watch or do.
No food, drinks or water available in the waiting area
Airline did not have sufficient blankets
None of the tv or entertainment was working in the aircraft
Press for help no one arrives or turns off the sign

My overall rating for the airline and services -10 and Red rating for any travelers other than the ones on pilgrimage as their expectations are minimal.
Please check with others if they have had a similar experience, I and my family / afriends will never want to use this airline ever again
David Muller

May 01, 2017

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