Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines / Saudia Airlinesairline receptionist at johannesburg disrespectful and treat passengers based on their nationalities

This is not complaining about Saudia airlines itself but about a crew member named Elizabeth who was at the counter on Wednesday April 26 at Johanesburg airport transfer area. The lady took our passports and was looking angry and when I told her that our luggage need to be transfered from South Africa Airlink to Saudia, she got more fierce. She told us it is not her job and that it does not concern her if we get our luggage or not. YES. She said all numbers to dial are busy and there is nothing to do for us. I called the Airlink from my phone where she gets even more angry. When I was explaining to her the situation she stares in my face and does not reply to my questions and requests. I had to get her help us by calling the people at luggage area by myself and let her speak to them. THIS IS A SAUDI AIRLINE AND AS A SAUDI I DO NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING BY DISRESPECTING US ( SAUDIS) I saw with my eyes several people who looked westerners approached the counter. I was shocked when I saw how she dealt with them. She smiled and welcomed them. She was totally a different person. If it is anything I would suspect it is going to be Racism. And where? In my country airlines with such audacity. I felt I was being discriminated against so badly and sadly in the airlines of my country that I hold all respect and pride for. But if crew does not respect the citizens of the country then I would just mourn and regret the time I spent in South Africa.

Apr 28, 2017

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