Saudi Post / unauthorized person took my box

Saudi Arabia

i have a package from my mother based in hongkong, until now i didnt receive the box, i checked in the saudi post here in abha, they told me its in riyadh, then another day i checked again if they send already here in abha, my dismay my box will not come here anymore because someone took it already in riyadh, i will ask how they release it, that person who took it doesnt have the same name as indicated in my box, and how did he know the item no., as far as i know, you need to provide some information before saudi post will release that certain box, why like that, they just give my box to that person, im so much disappointed because we expect good service from saudi post, but it turned out like this, im just hoping that they will retrieve my box and do some actions about my box no. is EA167903858HK.

Aug 06, 2015

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