Santander Consumer USA / illegal charges and incorrect payment info

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Santander aquired our loan in sept. 2010 an every since its been a total nightmare the trouble started from citi an has continued with them we have asked for a payoff quote several times an each time we get something different we are continuouslly sending money to get the payoff lower but every time we send in a payment they don't even appear to be deducting it instead they will add fees to the balance, how in the hell do they expect us to pay off the balance if they continue adding fees to it apparently to keep us from paying it off. They get on the phone with us an tell us lies about what they are going to do an thats it they don't do anything to work with you, so I realize the only way you are going to verify what these people tell you is to have your call with them monitored just like they claim their call is being recorded or monitored then so should the customer call be monitored on their end. These people are beyond any business I have ever dealt with how can they keep doing this to so many people, how long do they think they are going to get away with these practices and always make sure you keep all of your records.

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  •   Oct 05, 2012

    They took the notion to not send me a bill a few times, (guess hoping to get some late fees), so paid over the phone, with an additional fee for doing that. After that I fixed their trix. I took one car payment and xeroxed it a few times, and sent them a payment in a plain white envelope, after that they stopped playing games, as far as I know.

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