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I originally had a loan with road loans when I bought my car brand new in 2008. I went online to pay my bill and then I was informed that drive financial was my new loan company then the next thing I know the company name is santander usa! I never once had a problem with my orginal loan I consistently paid my loan ontime but now my account is showing late fees and large payment amounts. I did get behind one time with santander usa and I called and got a deferment and supposedly this was to get me up to date and clear all fees. I get harrassing phone calls constantly at work and at home. I am trying to do everything in my power to get away from this company and if anyone is thinking of using them as your lender don't do it no matter how desperate you are to get a loan!!!

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  • St
      Nov 26, 2011

    when you defer a payment it don't take care of any fees on the account.. it only puts a regular pmt to the end. so if you have late fees, you would still be liable to pay for irt.

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  • Ki
      Jan 30, 2012

    I am pleased to report that the refinancing for my car went through at my own bank, in the end my brother had to put his car up as collateral and cosigned but we got ourselves out of the loan at Santander;. I encourage anyone who has a loan with Santander to see if you can refinance at your own bank that you trust?. I have also warned my bank that Santander is shady and facing lawsuits and to be sure they mark the payment as in full when they pay them off and to make sure absolutely sure they are off my car title". I now have a refinance through my bank of $194 payments each month for 4 yrs, compared to the 2 1/2 years I had left on the Santander loan at $298?.42 each month:. Putting $104 back into my pocket each month that I need for living expenses, and the interest rates were lower because I now qualify for lower interest rates:. Please see if you can refinance at your own bank, it is worth the trouble.

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