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Santa Barbara Tax Products Group / disrespect and unprofessionalism

1 United States

This involving my 2009 Federal Tax Return. I used Turbotax to file the return. My refund was scheduled to be released to TurboTax on the 10th of February. TurboTax received the funds on the 12th of February. The refund was to be released from Santa Barber Tax Group on the 16th. Due to a numerical error in their computer system my account number was incorrect and the funds could not be deposited and was to be sent in check form. I called the number provide and spoke with a general customer service representative. I was told there was nothing that could be done and it was sent out in the days mail. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and was told there are none available at this time. The customer service representative told me that they would not be able to help me and the supervisor would only tell me the same thing. I then asked to be transferred again and was. The person I spoke with did not intent on telling me their title at Santa Barbara Tax Group and I continued to ask for it. This person was also a general customer service representative. Once I found this out I asked to speak with a supervisor again and was transferred to Lead Customer Service Representative Trey at extension 6824. He was aware of the situation and told me he was going to transfer me to his supervisor and put me on hold. Once he came back on the line he told me that he was able to retrieve my check from the mailroom. My check was not sent out in the days mail as I was told. Trey said in order for a direct deposit to be put in motion I was going to have to fill out a “Address or Account Info Change Request form” and fax it to [protected]. Also in this fax was a voided check and copy of Social Security Card. He stated that once the fax was received that it would take two hours to adjust the account and release the funds that day. I called roughly one hour later to confirm the fax was received and spoke with Jeremy at extension 6814. He said the fax machine was backed up and to call back around closing time (5:30pm Pacific time). I called again and spoke with Jeremy. He said the fax had not be yet received and to contact him in the morning. I did as such and spoke with him at 7:00am on the 17th. The fax was still not received and once again he asked me to contact within two hours to see if it was. At 11:30am I spoke with him again and the fax was received. He stated the account was updated and the funds were going to be released later that day. On Thursday the 18th I checked my bank account and no funds were posted. I called and spoke with Jeremy he told me the fax was not processed until Wednesday evening and it takes 1 to 2 days for the funds to post. The transaction was in the form of an ACH deposit. He then stated the funds will be released on that day the 18th. On Friday the 19th I still had not received any funds and called to speak with Jeremy once more. He told me that for what ever reason the funds were not released when they were supposed on the 18th and they were released the day of the Friday the 19th and should post in my account no later then Monday the 22nd which is today. Today is Monday the 22nd and I still have not received anything. Upon checking my bank account I called and spoke with Trey at extension 6824, who did not remember the situation, he also informed me his title was a customer service representative. At no point did he state he was lead or supervisor. He told me the funds were scheduled to be released today the 22nd and will posted within 1 to 2 business day. I asked what guarantee that I had my funds would be released today. He then transferred me to his supervisor Ruby at extension 6518. She was aware of the full situation dating back to last Tuesday the 16th. She stated my funds are scheduled to be released today at 3:00pm Pacific time and should post tomorrow Tuesday the 23rd. At no point in time did she apologize for the inconvenience or provide me with any real verification that the transaction would take place today. She was able to provide me with a Trace number which was 8 digits long my bank confirmed they are suppose to be 15 long. I asked that she email me with that number, her full name, title, and extension and also trey’s information. I never received the email. I am writing this to inform you that their business practice is subpar. They did not try to resolve this situation the way they portrayed that they would. In dealing with their customers they do not treat them with professionalism or respect.


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