I bought a Samsung washer/dryer from Best Buy. I went to best buy for my laptop and decided to ask them about the warranties I had on all my items that I purchased from them, when the sales rep looked up my items he informed me that the Samsung washer was recalled. He told me that the shaft has been known to catch on fire and blow off the lid to the washer. He also told me because of the recall the item is no longer available at their store and then he gave me the number to call so that I can get this handled. I called the number and was given the run around and had one rep tell me oh don't worry about it your washer won't catch fire. I became upset and told him oh so you think that you can make a judgement call like that. They sent me some stickers to put on my washer, so I want to know what kind of recall is that if anything happens to me or my family because of this I will have a lawyer so fast that their heads will spin I have the conversation recorded also.

Jan 15, 2017

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