Samsung South Africa / sl-m2070w/xfa

Johannesburg, South Africa
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Wifi printer bought 3 days ago. Setting up via personal hotspot on a desktop Mac, setup software would not close, then unable to print. Contacted Samsung who told me they would call back. No one called for two days. Savvy, I corrected the problem, having discovered that the IP address on the Mac software (196 range) was not same as on the printer (172 range, NB cellular hotspot). Printer now "connects" and prints wirelessly. However, scanning is a problem. Does not save the scan file anywhere, let alone where I indicated in the Easy Print Manager. At just past 5pm I connected to the site for a support phone number. Site states support 24/7, but by phone till 8pm. I called, no support, it is "after hours." Tried a "chat, " via the website support channel, message would either not leave the browser or site was not changing the page to acknowledge the message was sent. (Definitely nothing on my email inbox.) I invested in this product to get away from HP, but am most likely to return this printer right away due to lack of support in both product and support. Too bad since I am swamped with Samsung products that work fine (such as a dozen aircons, some very large), fridge, monitors, etc. This printer just tested the system (a friend in need...) but too many deficiencies were unveiled and pretty quickly, for me to continue with confidence or hope. To Samsung South Africa, sorry, guys, large company, please get your act together. Your customer service and website need a lot of attention. So does the programming and testing of this printer. PA, Cape Town.

Jan 25, 2017

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