Samsung S4 Sprint Non Spark / sent me a phone that did not charge

edwards, United States

I did an upgrade in june 2014 with sprint from s3 to s4, bought at best buy, got home did all my transfers and found the phone was a spark, I did not know what a spark was but it would not let me data and talk or use maps, I deliver I have to be able to do both a t the same time, called sprint said its ok, take phone back and we send you a s4 non spark, did, loved it, worked great, broke screen in jan 2015, sent to asurion for claim, they sent me a broken replacement that did not charge, called sprint, they called asurion for me and sent me out a second replacement, it was a sprint spark, I called sprint back told them what happened, they said no prob, called asurion again and they sent me a new phone for the 3rd time got it in 2 days, it was the same phone as the second one a sprint spark however to keep me happy they sent a battery and charger with it. I called sprint, they said I have to contact asurion myself and make a complaint to stand up and make them do it right, called asurion they said it was more than 1o days and I would have to pay another 150.00 to open a new claim, I was dumbfounded. I asked for supervisor as girl would not listen and was rude, she said hold on, I waited for an hour no one, she came and said no supervisor is here right now I will have to have them call you, it been a week, no calls. I called sprint to cancel my insurance and tell them I would not be upgrading because of this and they said since I was a 10 year good customer they would take care of me and they did.. I got a new note edge instead, love sprint do not ever want to deal with asurion and I had the insurance removed from my phone, will not pay for bad service.

Feb 9, 2015

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