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Samsung Mobile / the secret of losing your customer

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let me tell you an example of why you loose your customers. and I have experienced that of my own.

I am working as a programmer in Cognizant Technology Solutions,
I would like to tell you that I have bought a Samsung(E250 ) mobile on 08.11.2017 at Subhiksha showroom, Kottivakkam and I faced a lot of problems while using it, and till now I haven't got satisfied of using Samsung mobile. These are the problems I have faced

1. At the seventh month of my purchase, I got a problem in my charger chip and my mobile failed to work, since the service centers have not responded properly, I was not able to use my mobile for more than a week and struggled a lot.
2. Then my charger got flopped off I bought a new charger at the 8th month, but service engineers said that there is only 6 months warranty for chargers.
3. Then I bought nearly 7 charger's till now but I donno how to identify the original one so I have spent a lot of time and money for getting it and I got my 8th charger now
4. My speaker chip was drained out before the warranty ends. I was really fed up by using the Samsung mobile and charger and other stuffs.

I heard that the Samsung products are being exchanged,

Can you forward this mail to the concerned department and can you do me any needful things now?

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  • Si
      13th of Jun, 2009


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  • Re
      29th of Jul, 2009
    Samsung Mobile - regarding repair
    Samsung Mobile

    Hi.. This is reena chandrakant sawant staying at kalyan (W). I had purchased samsung mobile sgh i450 on 16th of november 2017. It has warranty period of 1years. During this duration due to software problem it got hanged all the time hence I was not able to use it. It was having sound problem also.
    When I concerned this case with nearby samsung gallery which is in kalyan (W) , they had told me that my cell's speaker got damaged and it will not be replaced until and unless I made payment for the same tough my mobile is in warranty period.

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  • Ru
      22nd of Sep, 2009

    The service at Samsung Sucks... if you give your phone for servicing with one issue you can difinitely be assured that you are not going to get your phone in the perfect condition. I have been runnin to the service center inorder to get my phone, however, they are always in the position not to deliver it as either they dont have the stock or it is not ready.

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  • Je
      21st of Mar, 2010
    Samsung Mobile - battery
    Not interested

    I bought samsung i7500 two week back. By seeing this attractive look and nominal price, more over I am samsung lover and this is my 9th mobile in my life and out of 9 I bought 6 samsung mobiles.

    But I lost my confident about samsung that, its battery problem.

    It is not even lost for 16 hrs??? After I chareged over night, I cant use this phone after 5 pm since it has got a worst battery.

    I changed myself that in future I would never go to samsung product.

    They know this problem but they have not called for battery replacement policy.

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  • Ra
      28th of Jun, 2010

    Never buy another Samsung product, They are simply cheats, They do not honour warranty or nor do they have spares for doing any service, The quality of Samsung Mobiles are the worst and these phones are good for nothing, I bought one Samsung Guru Musik SCH-B519 in December for Rs.3500/- Phone stopped reading memory card by April-2017, Just four months after purchace, The weird problem is that the phone gets overheated if card is inserted, The phone is still under warranty, Went to their service centre at Thrissur Kerala on 24th of April 2017, After a few hours of so called checking The service Centre informed that the Board needs to be changed, and asked me to contact after 10 days, the 10 days repeated for a month and on 22-5-2017 The service centre told me the board has come, and they need five days for changing the display microphone etc to the new board, I contacted after 5 days and was told that the board has not come, which came as a shock to me, Then why did they say the board was there, NO answer for this question was given till date, Now they say the company has no more spare parts, Well you can see the problem, Anyway this is the samsung I will ever buy, I'am comparing this to the SONY service, which did repair my Camera which was under warranty in just two hours, Samsung service does not exist, They do not have parts to repair, and their service centre is filled with rude people who do not even know how to open a mobile phone battery,

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  • Ka
      29th of Jul, 2010

    SAMSUNG phone Is ONLY about PROBLEMS...
    Its better to buy any local china phone inplace of SAMSUNG phone, , ,
    will give you more satisfaction... !!!
    SAMSUNG is nothing more than [censor]...

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  • Ka
      29th of Jul, 2010

    its true beleive me...

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  • Ae
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    I agree that Samsung Mobile is lousy at honoring their warranty. I am using a Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile, and the phone won't start up with plugging in the charger. I sent it back to Samsung repair center, and waited 1-week. They finally emailed me and wanted to charge $162 for repair fees. This is absolutely unacceptable as it is clearly a defective from Samsung product and the phone is still under warranty.
    So for future reference, don't count on Samsung warranty, because it's virtually worth nothing!! Very disappointing...

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  • Fa
      28th of Apr, 2011
    Samsung Mobile - samsung mobile (in warranty period) lost by the samsung service centre

    My Samsung phone model no. GT- S5200 was bought on 17-07-2017 and within 5 months it had to be sent for a repair to the Samsung Service Centre for some techical manufacturing fault. Inspite of repeated following up I got my repaired mobile back after 25-27 days, immediately after which it reflected some other technical problems. My phone used to hang and restart automatically for which I approached the same service centre for repairs. However the engineer formatted and told me to use it again which was of no use. Next time when I took it again to the same place I was told that the phone required a software to be downloaded and that this Software was not available with this service centre and i was refered to Moti Nagar, New Delhi Service centre. However on 16 April 2017, I took my phone to this new place thinking that this time something concrete
    may happen but the engineer called me thrice the same day to collect my phone, each time giving a new reason and technique he would apply to get the phone rectified..but of no use.
    My last visit the same day completely pissed me off when the engineer who was handling my phone had left early for the day and some other person told me to leave the phone at the service center as some part (mother board) was to be replaced. He told me to follow up after7-8 days but after 12 days of my repeated calling no body attended my calls at the service center and now after my last visit I get to know a very shocking thing- my phone was not known to anywhere in their custody...they had no status of it and the engineer completely refuses to have handled it the last time.
    I feel completely pissed off by SAMSUNG company as well as service center. How can I get a relief from this????????

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  • Sr
      16th of May, 2011
    Samsung Mobile - mobile stolen
    Private empl0yed

    Dear sir,


    My name is k. srinivas, i staying at balanagar in hyderabad. this is regarding complaint against my lost samsung mobile bearing number 9866676878 (Airtel). My mobile was stolen while traveling in bus at habsiguda in hyderabad. kindlly requesting to you please accept my complaint.

    Info of mobile as follows:-

    Name : K Srinivas.
    Address: 6-10-87/1, vinayak nagar, balanagar, hyderabad
    Phone Model: Motel S- 5620
    Make : Samsung
    Last used No: 9030985846 (Mr. Shiva)
    Email for contact: [protected]
    contact mobile no: 9573019371

    IMEI Number; 3520 5304 1583 827



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  • Sr
      16th of May, 2011

    waiting for lost mobile status

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  • Sr
      22nd of May, 2011

    Dear team' kindly let me know further status

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  • Se
      21st of Jun, 2013
    Samsung Mobile - very poor service

    The managing director,
    Samsung india electronics pvt. Ltd.
    Dear sir,
    With great anguish I would like to bring to your notice that the poor state of service support from your authorized service centre. I was using one samsung mobile (Model : gt-s5753e, sl. No: rdeb124990f) which I have purchased two years back. Recently the mobile started showing complaint as hanging continuously. I have given the same to your authorized service centre at tripunithura, ernakulam district kerala. They took 10 working day to check and reply. Firstly they replied as it require software update so will take some time. After almost month I have received the mobile in dead condition saying that one chip having complaint it needs to be replaced. The chance of refunctioning is only 50:50. If it dos not function the bord needs to be replaced which is very costly.
    Now the mobile showing connectivity mode. I suspect the same happened due to improper updation of firmware which damaged my the pcb.
    This type of service approach / carelessness creates bad impression. And the customers will think twice to go for a product.
    I hope you will look in to this issue. Which may be a childish complaint for you and will do the necessary step which will favour me.

    Sreeraman namboothiri

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