Samsung Electronicssamsung 10.1 tab

I recently received a gift of a 3 year old tablet that had never been used. It was slow so I took it to the nearest branch of Samsung which was Somerset branch. I drove over 2 hours to get there and was greeted by stunning staff when I arrived. The technician I spoke to did not know anything about my tab so wanted to keep ire for a few hours... We waited at the mall and when we went back they said it had to be upgraded with programmes from the main computer so I had to go back the next day... Which I duly did at the cost of R500 petol, only to be met by a rude technician who insisted I pay first, which I duly did R399 even though quoted R325. I was then told my tab is obsolete and cannt be upgraded as too old... Its only 3 years!!!... I am still waiting on my refund... I am so dsappointed in the product and the staff sadly

Apr 29, 2017

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