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Samsung handsets have been my favourite and only handsets I have bought in many many years which is why I have recommended Samsung phones to my friends, partner and my sister whom are also enjoying the Samsung products. Prior to the note 5 I purchased, the note 2 was the best phone I'd ever owned.
However, all has been well until I purchased my galaxy note 5. I had nothing but issues with the note 5. After only a few months I had to get the motherboard replaced. Soon after that happened I was unable to use the note pad as only one side of the screen would work with the s pen and even then the pen when writing characters would only half write some characters in part and about a 1 cm from where the nib of the s pen touched the screen rendering this function impossible to use. Samsung then sold me a new s pen but that did not remedy the issue.
The phone had never been dropped until just recently when although the phone showed no sign of damage the led had cracked inside causing a blue and purple bleeding so was unable to back up before taking to Samsung to get fixed. After a few days was told assessment for repairs would cost $299 which I consented to in order to fix my phone, this was no issue for me as I was responsible for the damage caused. I waited a few more days then received an email saying now that the phone had water damage and that they were no longer going to fix it yet the phone has never been exposed to any water/moisture in the time I possessed it. I understand that Samsung repairs personnel must hear those claims regularly and although I had dropped my phone a couple of times, I have never exposed my phone to anything that might be wet or damp so this made me very angry especially as I was told the handset would be fixed and water damage wasn't mentioned in the assessment. I now need to buy another phone but I am in two minds weather to buy Samsung again as I don't feel confident in outlaying so much more money for another Samsung handset in fear of it being an unreliable product like my note 5 was. Please find below some ref numbers and two copies of latest correspondence below. I no longer have history of the previous issues but I'm sure Samsung does.
Dear customer, Ref.#[protected]
Please be advised your Samsung unit has been confirmed to be out of warranty due to [PHYSICAL DAMAGE ] . There is $299.00 for [LCD+BACKGLASS] replacement. Please reply if you agree to proceed with repair or not. we will inform you again once it's ready for pick up. If you have any questions regarding the quote please contact us on [protected]. Thank you.
Kelly email-1Dear customer, Ref.#[protected] Please be advised your Samsung unit has been confirmed to be [Liquid damage]. Your unit will be returned unrepaired. Thank you.
As I feel that I have been such a long time loyal customer I would greatly appreciate either a free Galaxy S8 on release or a significant discount on a purchase.

Hope you can take the time to consider my request.
Kindest Regards and Loyally
T.R Masotto

Mar 14, 2017

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