Samsung Egyptbad customer service

‪#‎samsung‬ egypt presents the worst customer and maintenance services ever.. I called them on jan 24 asking for setting up my new tv and uptil today feb. 2, I haven't got the service. Over those 10 days, I called them more than 20 times and always receive the same idiot lying message" tomorrow someone from the maintenance will call you to arrange for visit" they kept lying and lying.. Giving untrue promises and nothing happens. I am fed up and feel furious.. Yesterday I spent about an hour complaining and shouting to the so - called ahmed from the complaints department and he assured me that tomorrow every thing will be settled and to my shock nobody came today.. I just couldn't believe it.. It is like a might mare.. I am talking to big liars and inefficient staff in the customer service and the maintenance section.. To conclude using some fgures: 1) I made more than 20 calls over the past 10 days.
2) some of those calls lasted between 20 - 40 minutes.
3) I was put on hold listening to music and ads about hundred time
4) I spoke with more than 10 persons who I still remember their names including ahmed and samar form complain department
5) I was given about 20 promises to call me back after checking the complaint with the maintenance but all unfulfilled except once today when samar called me back.
6) the most surprising thing is that I am supposed to pay 150le for this service.. It is not a free service (Can you imagine)
7) I got terrible headache 3 times after I called them.

I am so sorry for inconvenience but I wanted global samsung to know that there is something wrong here to interfere and rescue their reputation.
Please help share this to inform smsung top management about theit service

Feb 02, 2015

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