Samsung Cell Phone #IMEI 352001/01/262669/5loud deafening beeps, erratic

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I have a company cell phone that continues to unexpectedly beep loudly in my ear. It does it when picking up voice mail or when trying to call out to some one... it is erratic, so it will go for awhile and not beep - and then it appears again.

I keep the phone charged up, so its not that - I know i ahve lost hearing in both ears because of this. Since, costs has been a factor to buy a new phone, I tried to use this one for now by always using my cheek as a buffer, but sometimes it happens that its close to my ear.

I wish there were a way to test this horrible phone. My earing is lost forever and I know it was due to the phone.


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      Dec 01, 2009

    My Nokia does the same thing and there's no way to avoid it. It's unexpected and blows my ear drum out. I want to cry because I know that permanent damage feeling in my ear. I also cannot afford a new phone, plus they all seem to have problems, like my boyfriend's iphone is difficult to find the right spot. One position you can barely hear and then a tiny movement to one side and you go from straining to hear the conversation to having somebody scream in your ear. Technology downgrades like our society. We are devolving. Watch the movie idiocracy.

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