Samsung AC Model : AS18WCXTL / when started, it just blows the fuse off

I have purchased a samsung ac along with other products from ac (32" lcd tv, a mobile phone and a refrigerator) in 2007. This was one of the worst ever investment or rather burning of money I have ever done.

My ac was working well for an year and few months. By late 2008, suddenly one fine night, my ac got switched off and also its stabilizer. I found my fuse being blown. There is a separate wiring for my ac and it has got a separate fuse to protect other equipments. I changed the fuse and the same thing happened next day. I kept doing this for couple of days and got sick of it and left doing it. Everything happens when the compressor get powered up. As long the outdoor unit is not powered up, indoor unit (Just the fan) works fine. Due to my personal reasons, I was not able to attend to this issue as it would cost me some money.

Recently I lodged a complaint with the customer care and after couple of days a guy came to check the issue and said the compressor should be changed and since (Fortunately) my compressor was under warranty, they changed the compressor. I also bought a brand new double booster stabilizer.

My luck didnt even last for one day after having installing this double booster. I switched on the ac around 11pm and by 1am the fuse was gone. The voltage was quite normal around 190-200v. I am back with my original problem. I did the fuse again and the next day, the compressor started and in 5minutes time again my fuse is blown.

I had my electrician check my ac wiring thoroughly while installing my booster. I have sent emails to the support, the vendor who does the service for samsung. I have 0% hope that I would get any response.

For any reason, do not ever think of buying samsung products. If you want to blow your money, go ahead. If you want value for money. , never go for samsung. Compare products from other manufacturers like lg, onida etc. Samsung products havent been working for me beyond their warranty period.


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