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Once again my attorney's letters have gone unanswered from the Salvation Army.

I, as a Buddhist, was forced to complete a six month drug and alcohol program. After being kicked out of said forced program, they won't release my records showing that I was and am Buddhist and that they are taking people that are forced to be there from other religions. Under federal law, your records from doctors, dentists and rehabs are your MEDICAL records and must be released.

The Salvation Army is using forced labor to slave in their warehouses, w/ no pay and with complete disregard to people with disabilities. The people from probation and parole being are forced into religious programs that do not agree with their own religion, and if you don't go to church or complete the mandatory bible studies you are kicked out and your PO is immediately notified so you can be violated on your probation/parole.

Entanglement between religion and the US Government? Wasn't the constitution set up to provide it's citizens with freedom of religion. Not so now-a-days.

After I "failed" their religion indoctrination/forced labor program, even Judge Larry Kendrick (St. Louis County) failed to uphold federal law that states I was suppose to be given a SECULAR alternative program choice. I wasn't, and was then convicted and did time, giving me a permanent felony record. Now that I can't find employment, I must embrace the so-called "evil" that the Sal. Army should be liberating people from.

So, when you see the commercials on TV form the S.A. stating that they save lives and help people, ... THINK AGAIN!


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      Jul 13, 2010

    Easy. Drug rehabs records and patients have a legal right to those records. I need those records because they list my religious preference. They refuse to give them because they know of my lawsuit w/ the ACLU against them.

    BIG Question? Would you find it FAIR or American if you were christian and the US Govt. forced you to go to a Muslim based program? Where you were FORCED to go to their temple, work 40+ hours a week with a physical disability (and yes, I had paperwork from my Voc. Rehab councilor, that pays for college for disabled people to learn a new vocation that pertains to your disability) and forced to read the Koran in order to do mandatory Koran studies?

    Yeah, I thought so. And especially when I didn't have a drug/alcohol charge. That was also against MO Statutes.

    And actually, I did just go and shut my mouth while there in the St. Louis, ARC. They just hated me because of my religion. I find it funny that they judged me when the bible says not to judge, and that only God had the right to judge. I didn't make any mistakes there. I walked on pins and needles because I was facing 5 years in prison if I failed that fake drug/alcohol program. You don't know me. Enough said.

    And also. Let it be very, well known that the SA doesn't pay for ANYTHING. It's all donated, except gasoline and airline tickets. They said they spent billions of dollars helping @ ground zero on 9/11 with donuts and coffee. That was all donated also. The local SA went there. Not every SA office in America.

    I actually helped to get the St. Louis ARC busted for food stamp fraud because they were making all of the new "beneficiaries" get food stamp cards which they would take. Twice a month, they would line us up and swipe our cards for us, behind a glass cashiers window. We would then put our pins in and sign the receipt and get a yellow copy. The money was deposited directly into a Bank of America account. They had been telling the welfare department in MO that they had to buy all of the food for the men living there, when they were having "beneficiaries" working in their phone call up all of the local food businesses and have food, meat, coffee, tea and everything else DONATED for a tax write-off and good PR for the businesses that did. The local grocery stores would donate their day-old goods. Evil! And illegal!

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      Jul 23, 2010

    I'm sorry, but if you are so strongly convicted in your religion of Buddhism then maybe you shouldn't have been doing what you did to land there in the first place.

    My husband is in the program right now in a different state. He had gotten himself into quite a hole and is working his way out. No one is going to do it for you. So you either deal with it or do your time. And, I will admit it is not an easy program, But it helps a lot of people get their lives on track.

    They have some power trip issues, but hey, welcome to the real world. Everywhere you go people are unetichal, live is hard, and sometimes you have to just "put on your big boy pants, " and deal with what you have gotten yourself into.

    You obviously did something not so pleasant to have a felony over your head, so really get off the "I am a Buddhist and deserve special treatment" soap box.

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      Aug 03, 2010

    WOW! Now religious freedom is special treatment?

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      Aug 04, 2010

    Yes!! Any kind of freedom is special treatment when you commit a felony!!!
    Your secular choice was jail/prison. Which you ended up doing anyways. I'm sure you didn't do the whole 5 years though. America is just great about that. You are lucky you weren't in another country. You would be rotting away in a prison; if they let you live at all.

    And if they were to "force" me to do a Muslim based rehab, I would choose jail. It's really a pretty easy decision. I wouldn't expect that I could join the Muslim rehab and they would let me practice Christianity. That is what you were expecting to do. The SA should just change their protocol for you? Or for any other beneficiery that doesn't believe in God and Jesus? Fine, go to jail. Pretty straightforward.

    All the SA's use the beneficieries Food Stamp Cards. They should!! Most are fed and housed for free. Food is not the only expense!!! Did they get their Electricity, Water, Trash, Heat etc, all donated as well? Do you have any idea how much it costs to operate a facility like that monthly?

    They work to learn/earn. Most of the guys don't have a skill anyways. And if you have a disability, they put you where they can use you. If they can't use you, they usually ask you to leave, but find you another program. It wouldn't be fair that some wouldn't have to work.

    It seems to me that you want the system to go easy on you because #1 you have a disability and #2 you are buddahist. Wow!! Now that's special treatment!!!

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  •   Aug 04, 2010

    My brother also was in a SA in a different state and he was on a 9 month program, they are a Christain based organization so you should not expect to practice budism there. They have you work to pay for your time there, why should anyone else be expected to pay to get you out of your situation. The only thing I did not agree with that they did to my brother is he had been rushed to the er because he couldnt breath and was advised by the er that he take it easy and not work for a couple days so they threw him out on his ### without letting him use the phone to call someone for a ride (3 hours away form us), they did not find another program for him. He did however find another progam that he is currently in now, itis not based on any religion so he can practice whatever religion he so chooses. My point being there is that there are other non profit organizations out there that you could have chosen if religion was such a big thing to you.

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      Oct 04, 2010

    "My point being there is that there are other non profit organizations out there that you could have chosen if religion was such a big thing to you."

    I believe you missed the forced by the US Government part. Nothing was CHOSEN.

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      Oct 05, 2010

    And to set the record straight.

    I was pulled over in a speed trap while moving from Chicago to St. Louis. I was honest with the police officer when asked if I had any guns or drugs in my Uhaul moving van. I was guilty of packing my legal hunting rifle in the same box as a loaded clip, so I was arrested on the spot for Carrying a Concealed Weapon, a Class C Felony in MO. So, yes, technically I was guilty and took responsibility for not knowing the law (or I would have locked the bullets in the glovebox away from the firearm ((that actually is the law, both have to be locked up in separate parts of the vehicle)) to that degree.)

    And no, I never expected anyone to bow down to my religion. The constitution guarantees my right to have people not infringe on my right to practice my religion. My point is this: the government does not have the right to force religion of ANY kind down citizens throats. It's in the US Constitution, look it up. And for all of the haters out there, ... I would really hope that one day you are arrested for honest with a police officer, get arrested and then have Islam shoved down your throat or face prison.

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      Oct 11, 2010

    Thanks Judge Dawniette! Obviously you missed the very first paragraph where I said, "And especially when I didn't have a drug/alcohol charge. That was also against MO Statutes." I didnt' have a drug or alcohol charge. That's one reason my felony is going away. I just have to make sure to get the word out on sites such as this to inform and educate people on the malpractices of the police and PO's here in America. I was not court ordered; I was forced by a crappy, power-hungry PO who didn't know the law. I didn't know the law, unlike you, although it makes me wonder how you know the court system so well, Dawniette. What sins against man and society are you guilty of?

    And I did, "plea down, " to Illegal Use of a Weapon, from a CCW.

    When carjackings were more prevalent in the early 1990's, housewives that were given handguns by their husbands or bought their own handguns to protect themselves from such carjackings, were being arrested for having loaded guns in their gloveboxes also, and for the same charge. I didn't know anything about that law, but in the court system, ignorance does not equal innocence. I was guilty, although not intentionally, so I manned up to the infraction. According to the law, one must have the gun locked in the trunk and the bullets locked in the glovebox, or vice versa. How does it help to have the gun and bullets separate if you're a 105lb female against a carjacking? It doesn't. It just sets you up to be a helpless victim that can't defend themselves. It's just one more of our freedoms that is being infringed upon. It is also one of the first things Hitler and the Nazi's did as soon as they came into power in Germany in 1933.

    But that's OK, because with the help of the ACLU of Eastern MO, the Probation and Parole offices nationwide can no longer force people into religious programs, as I was. It must be voluntary admittance now, or a secular alternative must be offered. As of over two years ago, Americans can thank me, the ACLU and, umm Satan for making sure that YOUR constitutional rights as American citizens regarding religious freedom are protected.

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      Oct 14, 2010

    So, then REALLY your complaint isn't against the Salvation Army it is against the Court System. It isn't the Salvation Army's fault you got put there. They do what their mission statement says and that is SALVATION through Jesus Christ.

    The courts put you there, your complaint is against them not the Salvation Army.

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      Oct 18, 2010

    the lie n r rude n never answer there phones or call people back they r raciest and unprofecinal

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      Nov 17, 2010

    It's actually both, since they both worked in tandem with each other. I really blame the SA more, since they convinced the courts that they were a legitimate drug and alcohol rehab program, even though they lack certification and credentials through the Dept of Health, as they are suppose to. As I said before, people now can only voluntarily go there. The courts and PO's are no longer able to force people, as I was, thanks to myself ( :) ) and the ACLU. They just tell the PO's and courts that they are a legitimate program so that people will be forced to be there and WORK there (for FREE) for six months. You would have to have been there to understand just how corrupt they truly are.

    The donated cars? Shopped by the officers. I dated a girl whose parents ran a small SA church who drove from MO to MI to pick up a free, donated car for her! Just ask 'em. Captain Mark Haslett and Major Sue Haslett Tel: [protected], got a free donated car for their daughter, Raylee Haslett. She a good old, punk rock ex of mine. She then ran off with said car. LOL! And yes, we had many a conversation about the corruption there. The officers and some of the higher ups (who weren't in the SA) there in St. Louis would just shop through all of the donated cars, which they then didn't even pay for. That's the honest truth of where your donated cars go; for their own personal use and pleasure.

    The officers that ran the center in St. Louis, before the officers that were present when I was there, actually bought a second residence to store all of their shopped treasures in, and used residents to move the antiques, electronics and high-end, name-brand clothes there, in SA trucks!

    But, without knowing these things, I too would be fooled by their heartfelt commercials. They remind me of the Knights Templar that became: too powerful and too rich and eventually so corrupt that they became involved in pagan and devil worship. Or as Nietzsche said, "Power walks on crooked legs."

    The courts didn't put me there, a mean spirited Christian PO who was ignorant of the law and thought he was above the law, put me there.

    But thanks everyone, for laying off me.

    It really was a sham, and that was my whole point for posting this complaint. To educate people on the actions of both the SA and the PO. If you had been put through it, as I was, I'm pretty sure that you'd feel the same. Be I Buddhist or not, imagine the government forcing people into Mormon or Catholic programs when you are a Babtist Methodist, and then when you refuse to convert, you get kicked out, convicted and then incarcerated. Ugh, what has happened to this country that I was raised in. to believe that we are truly free. Although I can be glad that I won't be taken out and shot for exposing this to the public!

    Just please, think not only twice, but thrice, before donating anything but a lump of coal into the SA kettles or stores. If you want to donate older furniture, cars or whatever, give Goodwill a shot. They have no government interaction and actually help people with disabilities, as they did with me, to find a job. Why doesn't the SA help people with disabilities? Because they can't work as hard or as fast as healthy, normal people. They can't produce enough for their pockets.

    All the Salvation Army is concerned with is PROFIT, PROFIT and more PROFIT, no matter who they hurt in the process.


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      Nov 23, 2010

    God has one religiuous, but the world has many religious. Please respect any religious. We cannot judge who we are!!!

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      Mar 03, 2011

    Why were you forced into a drug program by the court if you don't have a drug program. But yes, the salvation army is Christian and trying to be good christians by helping people. It is a privately funded organization and so the laws concerning separation of church and state don't apply. I am a Buddhist also, and I understand that Christian organizations try to convert you or will have you in prayer meetings with them. But I don't really feel offended to pray with Christians, because I feel we are all praying or trying to practice the root of goodness in our hearts. It is true some Christians could have more respect and compassion towards other religions, but it is also wrong to go around boasting about Buddhism when you are begging for food and shelter. I was tossed out on the streets by a Buddhist temple and the Christians helped me survive. I was grateful. I am still a Buddhist and they are still Christians, but we are friends.
    I know being homeless can be a horrible ordeal. And people with felonies can't even get a job at Burger King anymore. Maybe it's your karma for owning a gun. I am grateful to have lived this far.

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      Mar 18, 2011

    I really do agree with you for the most part, except, "so the laws concerning separation of church and state don't apply." They do, that's why the ACLU took my took my case.

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      Apr 19, 2011

    I highly doubt the bad karma received by shooting beer cans out in the country has negatively affected my life!! ; )

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      Apr 11, 2012

    There are some inaccurate statements in this complaint. It is my understanding that people in Salvation Army A R C's are in a work therapy program and also receive a some weekly stipend to help with personal needs. "Captain Mark Haslett and Major Sue Haslett Tel: [protected], got a free donated car for their daughter, Raylee Haslett. " Majors Haslett have no daughter by that name.

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      Mar 15, 2014

    There must have been an error somewhere, as the original print read, "Raylee Irvine."

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