Sally Beautyonline order

On 12/16/16 I made an online order because I found a $10 off sale on a gigi wax warmer and with the purchase was promised honee all-purpose wax and large applicators for free with the purchase and I also paid for a warranty and muslin roll. I waited till January 25th to receive the product, which was incredibly long, and then didn't receive half of the products. The invoice I received with the shipment said that 2 of the most important items were not in stock and did not specify whether or not I would be refunded my money, and so I contacted customer service and found out that I was given to 2 of the free products and I was shipped those items and never given even a note stating what I was charged for and that the warmer and roll would be cancelled from the order. Now I have to go find them in a store and won't receive the discount, which was the only reason I made the purchase.

Jan 25, 2017

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