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I am 69 years old. I still use the Safeway pharmacy on occasion but no longer have a good reason to frequently shop in my nearby Safeway store. My Safeway club card # [protected]. I am writing to you out of concern for the recent degradation of what was a truly unique vanilla ice cream label and taste and texture among a broad number of competitors.
Not only did the label change to become ordinary but so did the taste and feel in the mouth. What a disappointment!
After not seeing the product on the shelf for awhile, I was pleased to find it. It was more difficult to find because it now has a very similar label to all of the other flavors.
I bought two containers to celebrate it's return to the shelves. After a month in the freezer, the second container remains untouched.
Your new recipe feels greasy and slick on the tongue and the vanilla flavor tastes like many others. When frozen solid, the scoop easily glides through the mixture now because of all the gum and fillers that were added to the recipe. When it melts in the dish, it no longer returns to a thin milky vanilla treat, it is more viscous and gooey like all of the other ice creams that use fillers.
Your research and development team and your bean counter managers came up with a product that has a wider profit margin but they really missed the mark on quality and appeal. They apparently haven't tasted good homemade ice cream, so they don't know how it feels when it is frozen in the container or how it feels and tastes on the tongue or how it looks and moves on a plate when it melts.
Your original recipe, taste and texture was much more appealing and true to the name and label you chose to call it "HOME STYLE". ie. almost homemade.
What a disappointment for me and I am sure many other Safeway shoppers that enjoyed your original home style ice cream.
Sincerely, Stan Shook

Jun 10, 2018
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  • Co
      Dec 14, 2018

    Stan, you hit the nail on the head. They had a stand out product and then they lowered the quality. You can fool some of the people all of the time. It is no longer an option, what a shame. Half frozen, overrun, and gooey gums, flavored with vanillin synthesis. Eewwgrosstyle!

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  • La
      Apr 02, 2019

    My daughter purchased Signature Select Mint Cookie Crumble tonight from Safeway. I was eating my bowl of ice cream when I bit down on something hard. Luckily I knew the ice cream didnt have peanuts in it and spit it out. It was a small piece of wood covered in chocolate. Luckily my grandson wasnt here and didn't eat the ice cream. I tried to contact Safeway right away and you cant find an email for them and the customer service line you sit on hold

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