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Safeway / offensive and unacceptable behavior of safeway assistant manager

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I am writing this letter to inform you about the offensive and unacceptable behavior of Safeway Assistant Manager, Felicia Fisher, at the Safeway store in Sacramento located at 3320 Arden Way Sacramento, California 95825.

My mother and I went to shop at Safeway today, as we do regularly. We decided to get a sandwich at the deli before shopping. The deli counter did not seem that busy, but the sandwich took approximately 15 minutes to make, which I felt was an excessive amount of time. The deli cashier was very slow, so we decided to eat our sandwiches, finishing our shopping and then purchase our sandwiches and groceries all at one time. We took the tags off the sandwich wrappings to ensure we paid the correct amount at the register.

While shopping for groceries, I received an important call from a business associate. I told him to meet me in the Safeway parking lot to deliver the construction plans, so my mother and I briefly stepped outside in front of the store to meet my associate. While in front of the store, the Assistant Manager, Felicia Fisher, stormed up to me and my mother, and accusingly in a rude tone, demanded the receipts for the deli sandwiches. We immediately explained to her that we were coming back in to finish grocery shopping and planned to pay for them then.

Ms. Fisher stated that she recognized my mother as a frequent shopper, but said she did not know me. She then forcefully said we must follow her back in the store and pay for the sandwiches now. We complied and followed Ms. Fisher back in the store to pay for our sandwiches. My mother and I felt especially disrespected and embarrassed, as other customers began to take notice of Ms. Fisher’s hostility. At this time, the general manager, Joe Chappelle, came over to see what was transpiring. Ms. Fisher inaccurately told Mr. Chappelle we were not planning to pay for our sandwiches. I showed the sandwich price tags to Mr. Chappelle, explained the situation and assured him we would pay for our sandwiches when our grocery shopping was completed. In an effort to diffuse the situation, I went to the counter and paid for the sandwiches. While I was leaving the store, I showed the receipt to Ms. Fisher. She responded saying that my mother and I were no longer allowed in the store and should we return to the store, she will call the police on us!

My family has been loyal customers of Sacramento Safeway stores for more than 30 years. In that time, I have never been more offended and disrespected than I was today by Ms. Fisher. As a small business owner, I know first hand that reputation is everything. I do not make it a habit of writing letters, but the treatment my mother and I received today, from an Assistant Manager, a trusted leader of your company, was just too offensive not to report. I trust you will take the appropriate measure to ensure Ms. Fisher’s actions do not become acceptable customer service practice at Safeway.

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  • Li
      13th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Why didn't your mother stay inside the store while you went into the parking lot? I have to admit, seeing two people eat food and then step outside the store without paying does seem suspicious...I'm not saying that's what your intentions were. Just that I understand why they would suspect something.

  • Ge
      3rd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    my god you posted the poor assistant managers name ?? are you out of your mind crazy and stupid ? you are the idiot for leaving the store after consuming and not paying for an item, its called shoplifting you stupid idiot, yoo owe the assistant manager a public apalogy and you should be slapped repeatedly for being soo stupid as to complain about some stupid thing you caused !!!

  • Th
      1st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    HAHAHA! You are THE dumbest person in the world. Meeting a business associate my [censor]. And even if you were, that is still shoplifting. So also you are therefor a theif. She was nice enough not to just call the police and gave you the opportunity to pay for it. Most stores are against eating/drinking before purchase as it it, but as soon as you step outside without paying for it, you have committed a crime. Also your posting is very rude for mentioning her name. There is no such thing as being an acceptable idiot. Before posting again, know what the [censor] your talking about.

  • La
      14th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

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