Safeway 983, Lakeport, CApharmacy

I called in a prescription on the 14th of November, it said I could pick it up after 5pm. I waited 2 days, until the 16th of November and went in and was told that they didn't have the drug available, they sent me home with a 30 day supply out of a 3 month order. I told them to call me when it came in.

They called on the 28th of November to inform me that it was in. I went today, the 3rd of December and was informed that it had been filled back because it was over 10 days old.
I showed them the bottle from the and the date it was filled, and that this wasn't even 7 days since they called.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Lakeport, CA

Of the 5 people in line when I go there none of us got our prescriptions. I was told I had to wait 45 minutes, one wass told it would take 10 minutes, another 15 minutes. The only person I saw get her presription was a lady who had just turned it in! This has happened the last 3 times I've been in, I get a phone call that its ready and when I go in, usually within 3 days, it still hasn't been filled. This has only been the last 6 mos or so, I don't know whats going on but they told one of the people in line that they were 160 prescriptions behind, which is totally unexectable! I know they used to have two pharmacists on, but I'm not sure if they still do, however they should because obviously this one can handle it alone.

Dec 03, 2018

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