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I am 49 years old and have been an avid buyer on the internet for 20 years. This is the absolute worst buying experience I have ever had. I foolishly ordered a hot tub from whoever runs this site. I also foolishly gave them an electronic check. Then I received a phone call informing me that there was an $869 shipping charge, which was much different than the $40 charge for residential delivery that was posted on the listing. I said "no way jose". Then they lowered the amount due. Eventually they lowered the amount to zero, but I still said: "Cancel my order". This was 5 minutes after placing it, but the response I got was: "You must submit your request in writing. This is a custom hot tub, blahh, blahh, blahh". I submitted my request in writing, but low and behold, they charged the full amount against my bank account the next day. The electronic debit that they submitted did not use the check number I gave them and they changed the collection name. Therefore they got by both: (1) my effort to stop the check and (2) the fact that I had drained the account. For some reason, my bank clears electronic debits regardless of available funds- even though it does not clear checks. So now, I am investigating the legality of their actions. If you look this company up at the Better Business Bureau you will see that they get an "F" rating. They have never resolved a complaint. The company does business under many identities. So you don't know exactly what name will appear on your bank card or e-check. Assuming that I don't get my money back, I assume I will receive something that loosely resembles an 8 person hot tub. But god forbid anything is wrong with it (a condition I consider likely) because Safer Wholesale's policy is that they are not responsible for "any defect". According to their policy, if you sign for delivery, than any defect is yours. So when my hot tub comes in a box, I can either: (a) accept whatever junk is in it or (b) try to get the freight guy to wait 7 hours while I take the hot tub out of the box, inspect it thoroughly, fill it with water and see if it actually works. I doubt that he will accommodate my request. If it doesn't work, will say: "but you signed".

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