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A couple of months ago my windshield was broken by rock on the highway. I had the windshield replaced through my insurance company - who uses Safelite (the Largo, FL office). I've had one other windshield replaced by them and another repaired, they did ok work. But this last time they replaced the windshield, they damaged the apilars, replacing them insecurely and now both have been blown off!

I replaced the first one myself, thinking, hey, maybe it's a coincidence. But this morning the other apilar flew off while I was on the highway. Not the one I replaced myself, that one is installed properly and snug as it can be.

I called to have Safelite reimburse me for the cost of the apilars and from very first minute on the phone, I started getting the run around. Someone is supposed to call me back, but that was hours ago. And I'm still in the process of gathering all the data from the windshield install to the apilar that I replaced, etc.

Needless to say, none of their technicians will ever touch my car again regardless of how this turns out.

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  • Me
      Feb 14, 2009

    Trust me it is not a is a matter of very poorly trained technicians. they just came out to replace my windshield today when I was at work, and after completing the form that they fill out showing all the previous damage, the installer didn't give me a copy, but instead held on to both. Normally I would have thought better of it, but since I was at work, I was a bit distracted, and didn't notice. Anyways, when the repair was done, I was still pretty busy at work, so I didn't get a chance to check it out... but when I did, I noticed that the trim around the windshield was bent in spots, like someone had taken a crowbar to it. When I talked to the installer, he told me "I'm pretty sure it was like that already". Mind you, I have just spent the past week detailing my car... and had Rain-Xed the windshield the day the rock hit it... trust me, I know EVERY flaw in that car!!! So, finally I gave up arguing, and just decided that I would replace the trim at some point anyways (there were some chips out of it before anyways) But wait... it gets better... when I got home, I noticed there was an odd shadow on the windshield, and lo and behold... the headliner is falling down in the front where it meets the windshield. And the little booger had noted it on the form... AFTER I signed it!!! So now, trying to fight this out with them is going to be fun, since the paper has my signature, and states there was damage (mind you it just says damaged, not that it is falling down). So... being as they were so argumentative with me about the trim, I went straight to the BBB with the headliner complaint... we will see where that gets me. The greatest part though is I have pictures from before the repair of the crack, which CLEARLY shows that the headliner was intact, so I would love for them to challenge me on the issue.

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  • Sh
      Apr 12, 2009

    Safelite uses XYG glass that is imported from China mainly because of the cheapness in which they can purchase it. XYG glass is low in quality as well. NO insurance company can tell anyone who they must use when it comes to glass replacement. Believe it or not, the insurance companies could care less about the insureds safety. This is why many of the insurance companies will use Safelite. Many of you may or may not know this, but 60% of the vehicles weight is supported by your windshield in case of a roll over. XYG glass is NOT OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) approved due its poor quality and low rating. As a consumer and an insured motorist, you have the advantage to seek out the glass company who uses Pilkington Glass. This is OEM glass and this company also provides auto manufacturers with the glass when your vehicle was being built at the plant. Their is NO such thing as Toyota, Chevy, or any other make for that matter, glass. Pilkington ( Pittsburgh Glass ) is the only glass you as a motorist should ever accept.

    Many people are not aware that you do not have to "repair" a chip to get your windshield fixed. As an insured motorist, you are in full control by telling your insurance company that you will not accept anything less than a full replacement. Depending on your state in which your vehicle is registered, you may be entitled to a ZERO deductible. If that is the case, then your insurance rate CANNOT go up based on a windshield replacement. That is the law!

    I am in the glass business and I eagerly educate folks about the variations of automobile glass. There are several glass companies who use Safelite Glass. If they do, and you use that specific glass company, then you will get XYG glass. I don't know about you, but my safety and the safety of my loved ones are extremely important. Remember, Safelite and your insurance company actually don't care about you all together, just your money. It is up to you to decide on the value of yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Ti
      Apr 16, 2009

    I have been an autoglass installer for twelve years now. I'm not siding with Safelite at all. I was actually looking up complaints about them. I have seen alot of bad installs over the years and it's about time people start refusing to use them. I did want to clear up the comment made about XYG. Safelite for the most part uses their own glass that they manufacture. The brand Safelite puts on the glass is SGC. I have even had installers from Safelite say it is terrible glass to work with. It is not a safety issue with the glass it just doesn't fit the specs of the vehicle that well. Most of the XYG glass I have installed has the same manufacture stamp as the Pilkington glass. There are not that many glass manufacturing plants world wide so many of the plants are making glass for different glass companies. I have seen this happen more often with all the different brands of glass coming from China. The problem now is car manufactures here in the U.S. are using glass from China like FYG. What I have to say to consumers is it comes down to finding a small reputable autoglass replacement company with good installers who care and take pride in their work.

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  • Ba
      Jun 17, 2009

    I have worked for two auto glass companies and have 15 years in the business. And your comments are at the very least misleading or out right lies. As was said OEM is (original Equipment Manufactored). The key word is manufactored. The only way you get a windsheild that is quote OEM is if you still have the glass the car came from the factory with. The facts are that we live in a global economy. AND THAT 70% OF ALL WINDSHEILDS ARE MADE IN CHINA. AND 30% ARE MADE IN THE U.S. It's not just auto glass check the labels on everything you buy and see for yourself. As far as Pilkington or PPG or LOF being OEM is a lot of "HORSE APPLES". At times they cut a deal with a car manufactorer and they use their brand to build their cars but this is not every year. BESIDES 70% OF THOSE WINDSHEILS ARE MADE IN CHINA! I can see through you who have made these misleading coments. You either own a local auto glass shop or you work for a auto glass supplier such as Pilkington. The consumer is being misled because you can not compete with nation wide companies such as Safelite. AND ALL SAFELITE GLASS IS MANUFACTORED IN THE U.S. PUTTING AMERICANS TO WORK. So you put down their product and mislead people into thinking they can get better service. Even though they give a LIFE TIME WARRANTY ON THE WORKMANSHIP AND PARTS. AND CAN HONOR THIS WARRANTY IN ALL 50STATES. CAN A LOCAL GLASS SHOP OFFER THAT? I DON"T THINK SO! As far as the quality it is as good as any on the market.OR ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE CINESE ARE BETTER WORKERS THE AMERICANS?

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  • Gl
      Jun 26, 2009

    I too have been in the auto glass industry for over 20 years. From trainee to Master technician to middle management . And 15 years of that is with Safelite. And I can tell you that it happens all the time.
    When the appointments are made the CSR's take down info but it is transferred to the road techs in what I would say is a less than effective manner. No matter where you are in the country your appointment is scheduled through the central office in Columbus Ohio and then sent down to the local level and then out to the tech. By the time it gets to the tech there are many times whn the info is not what was promised to the customer.
    As far as Safelite glass being made in the USA this is correct, what Barry left out was that Safelite uses XYG also and they are a Chinese brand.
    It is very simple, Safelite does have some very talented technicians. But if you want original equiptment request it while you are on the phone with your insurance company and make sure it gets approved. And when the tech arrives verify that he has the correct part before he touches your car.
    Those of us in the field and have to deal directly with the customers want nothing more than to please you, since we are the front lines. Some of the comments above appear to be from someone who is pushing a pencil and counting beans rather than actually installing the inferior product they supply.

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  • Sh
      Jul 22, 2009

    I have owned and operated a glass company for 24 years.
    Shawn knows what he's talking about.
    Tim halfway knows his stuff.
    Barry doesn't have a clue. (15 years, and you can't even spell windshield correclty?) And obviously works for Safelite.
    Glasstech was doing good until he got to the "safelite does have talented technicians". Safelite pays squat. A great tech won't work for someone barely paying minimum wage. (I actually applied at one once out of fun, and was told they didn't need anyone in management position. I said I was applying for a tech position and was told I was overqualified for the job. lol)

    Now that that's settled, I'll supply some facts. (not my opnion disguised as fact)

    As a glass owner, we too have the occasional broken windshield in our own cars. Of course, I'm smart enough to use a competitor instead of my own shop for a little reconnaissance. Which is never hard to do since I'm ALWAYS steered into using them.
    I have used Safelite twice in the last 10 years. Neither time did they supply the glass I asked for, and both times I got SGC and XYG respectively.
    One of the times was done mobile IN THE PARKING LOT OF MY OWN AUTO GLASS BUSINESS!!! (I specifically did this on purpose just to see if the guy had the balls to replace a glass in MY parking lot) Needless to say the guy did a horrible job because he knew I was about to pick his ### apart. Which I did. No primer, no prep, and that stupid "full cut" method they employ without primering the exposed metal were just a few of the things this installer "forgot" to do. He did offer me money for using my parking lot though. Which I thought was a bit over the top.

    I have tried to get other glass shops to go in with me on a joint lawsuit for steering. Unfortunately, most of them just "don't want the hassle".

    Safelite is THE whore in the auto glass business. Poor workmanship and poor quality. Anyone that comes into my business seeking employment with a Safelite referral is immediatley shown the door.

    If you want the ugly truth, just type "safelite sued" into any search engine. You'll have HOURS of reading material.

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  • Sh
      Jul 22, 2009

    I bash Barry for misspelling "windshield", then i misspell "correctly". lol

    At least "correctly" is not a word associated with my CAREER.

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  • Sa
      Aug 13, 2009

    Talking about putting Americans to work with making their own glass at Safelite. Safelite is owned by Belron who is trying to take over the autoglass market. I think Barry should check into Belron and know they are an overseas company. They are still and have been over the past three years buying small and large very profitable glass replacement companies to get a larger hold on the autoglass market. Trying to shut down all the mom and pop glass shops. Belrons dream some day in the U.S. is to have the Safelite name and thats all everyone will come to know when they need glass replacement. This is the way it is for the Belron name in Europe. So I don't know what Berry thinks is better.

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  •   Nov 09, 2010

    Every once in awhile I check this website to make sure we do NOT have disatisfied customers with our auto glass company- Then I ran into this wow I am SHOCKED at the horrible experience our competition is giving people like you all! I don't know if you are in the TN or parts of KY area but if there is anything we can do to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us. I am happy to see someone posted info about Safelite/Geico/Belron/SGC Network. No one is talking about it but it is ilegal its called "Steering" again I explalin it on our website. Remember this you can have ANYONE you choose to do the work. Ex, You want us, you tell them I want J and L Auto Glass to do the work. They might say, "well we don't refer them or prefer or use blah blah". That is a lie. As far as some of you with warranty runarounds use smaller shops - we never ever give runarounds bc word of mouth is golden. Im sorry but large co/networks etc your a dime a dozen most of the time. As far as the repairs we do repairs but we would NEVER repair in your view (danger) and we would not tell you (like commercials & jngles do) its a miracle you can't see a thing takes but a min and viola NEW! NOT! If you get a company thats promising that run! 21 yrs in this biz, and 6 yrs owner I have seen it all. Great Advice from many of you! Lets educate them so they are protected. Half have no clue what we techs do, and should do and how much that depends on customers saftety!!

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  • Br
      Dec 10, 2010

    I spent 5+ years working for that company. Safelite management cares nothing for customers or employees. Rocky mountain regional manager said, "The customer is paying for our service. Not our product." The only way that any customer will receive any decent service is if they pay out the [censor]. The only time you will receive good glass is if you demand and are willing to pay the extra for a dealer piece of glass. They prefer to use XYG and FY for windshields, which happens to be two of the worst brands out there. If you get tempered replaced, it will most likely be ATI brand, it will never fits properly. And their SGC brand of glass will always have blemishes. And if you work for them, do not ever plan on moving up in the company unless you kiss and like some serious A**. Speak your mind there and you will be either reprimanded or fired. They continually add more "duties" for their employees to do, but will not adjust the pay on behalf of the techs or warehouse workers. Believe me, if you live in Colorado, contact Premium Auto Glass. they will only use OEM quality glass.

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  • Ca
      Jun 02, 2011

    My son had his windshield replaced on his GTO and the car was scratched. The winshield was very wavy when you looked to the right from the drivers seat and to the left from the passenger seat. Very annoying. My daughter just had a chip repaired on her camaro and they managed to drip resin leaving a streak down the hood about a foot long that had to be chipped off. The chip looked just as bad after they finished. We'll never use them again.

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  • Mo
      Jun 20, 2011

    Attention Arizona drivers, I found the company to use...
    They worked with my insurance and only used OEM glass, (pilkington, ppg, pwg) pilkington in the case of my ford truck. They replaced the F150 logo on the windshield too, just like it came from the dealership. The installers arrived as scheduled, didn't take any of my time, and I have no leaks, rattles, or problems at all. My wife has a chip in her honda accord windshield that we will have replaced by Anytime Autoglass as well. They will be my glass company of choice from now on, hands down!

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  • Jo
      Dec 13, 2011
    Safelite Auto Glass Repair - Do not recommend
    Safelite Auto Glass Repair
    United States

    Safelite Auto Glass Repair customer service have no clue how to run a business or deal with people. I contacted them because I damaged a friend’s car window. Naturally Safelite came to my mind. They are always doing so much advertising online and on tv. They seem almost synonymous with broken car window. However just because they have enough to advertise does not necessarily mean they are the best. They are just the most well known. If you ask me they are the most infamous.

    Due to the nature of the accident I explained to them that I would be dealing with my insurance company and to send me over the cost information. Of course they don’t have any Safelite certified locations near me. The closest one was almost 45 minutes away. This is how they make their money. They have to send someone else out that they will charge you a ridiculous price. Their is quite the difference in price between driving to their location and having it fixed there and having one of their employees come out to fix your car. Even if we are talking gas and time the price was outrageous.

    Having to deal with the brilliant scholars at the customer service center is not what I would recommend for anyone that wants to keep their sanity. I was on the phone for over an hour differentiating with them that I was simply making an appointment to come to their location and I did not want them to drive to see me and to not just charge it to my card. I just wish people would listen more now a days.Apparently Safelite does not. I am just cringing thinking of the charge I am going to receive from them on my credit card because they had to come out to my location (when in actuality they never did).

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  • Ge
      Jul 02, 2015

    SGC Net work is a bunch of crooks

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  • Ge
      Jul 02, 2015

    After a ton of B.S. Our shop agreed to help a customer replace there glass on a 2010 Rolls Royce,
    SGC, Made us jump through multiple hoops, lied and stole from us in the END.
    Never release a vehicle for this company, UNTIL you have received FULL payment,
    and if you have the ability, RECORD EVERY conversation you have with them.
    After the final billing, they shorted us $1061.00, then gave me every excuse you could imagine as to why,
    and then I had the pleasure of dealing with another LYING THIEF NAMED PATRICK,
    a loud mouth punk, with a wanna be tough guy attitude on the phone, apparently this low life is a supervisor there.

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  • At
      May 02, 2016

    Safelite replaced windshield in my $72k BMW SUV. Installation of glass was ok but technician destroyed rain sensor in the process. Safelight local manager stonewalled responsibility claiming no evidence that his technician did it -absurd. BMW dealer took care of sensor replacement. I will never use Safelight again.

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  • Ta
      Aug 14, 2018
    Safelite AutoGlass / Safelite Group - Window Glass Repair
    United States

    I am placing complaint against Safelite as they have not repaired my driver seat window incorrectly. They have charged $338.03 and the window is still not working perfectly. Now when I requested for a refund they are not agreeing to refund.

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  • Vi
      Aug 15, 2018
    Safelite AutoGlass / Safelite Group - was very dissapointed
    gainesville florida
    United States

    Raymond left glass in vehicle in driveway and molding not right I contacted 800 number said someone would be out today as I have not heard back very disappointed I paid 383.48 for the work wo#[protected]

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  • Ka
      Oct 28, 2018
    Safelite AutoGlass - drivers
    Grand Island
    United States

    Several times I've contacted someone for the insurance company for Safelite Auto Glass and I'm always pushed around to someone else this person will send me an email and say they will forward it this is been going on for a week

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  • Ve
      May 19, 2019
    Safelite AutoGlass / Safelite Group - Service billing
    United States

    Keep getting calls from Jessica on two services she says are over due? At the time of the two I used safelite I pay with my credit card in full got invoice one was last year the other a few years back. Been trying to get some at their corporation to get back with me to no avail, to be far I wrote one other time

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