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Safe Home Security, Inc. / Harassing former customers

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We had a contract with Safe Home Security, Inc in 2002. During this time we had countless problems with their wireless alarm system, which they never fully resolved. In September 2005, we informed them we were moving and that we needed them to come and uninstall the equipment. They took weeks to get back to us and finally did days before we were leaving the house. They claimed they could schedule an appointment to move the equipment the week after we moved and that they wanted a fee of $750 to remove it. This was never in the contract.

We left the home with the equipment still installed but deactivated the account.

We sent them a formal letter via fax in October informing them of our move and that we were terminating the contract. In December of 2005 they contacted us claiming we never canceled the account and that we owed them $914. We again faxed them stating the account was closed and that we no longer lived at that residence.

6 months later (June 2006), they sent a letter to our new residence claiming we owed them $914 + interest and late fees. They also informed us they reported this incident to all of the credit bureaus. Until this incident, we had perfect credit all of our lives. Anytime we called them on the phone, they were insistent that we owed them this money and would incur late fees for every month we didn’t pay it.

We ignored these letters until we received one on March 1st of 2007 where they threatened to take legal action against us unless we paid them $3580.30 which they claimed was only a portion of the back balance owed ($1433.22). They also stated we were required to sign a new agreement. To close the account they claimed we would have to pay them $1562.19 and send them a cancellation letter by 06/04/2007 otherwise the account would roll over for another 36 months.

We are now going to get my attorney involved and inform the local news channels and Better Business Bureau. We have never experienced such unethical services and harassment from a company and hope that you read this report before signing a contract with this company.


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A  7th of Apr, 2007 by 
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I too had a similar experience with Safe Home Security, Inc.. Their service stinks and they attempt to ruin your credit if you try to get out of their contract. I've never done business with such an immoral company before. Steer clear of them!
A  13th of Jun, 2007 by 
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We have had a contract with Safe Guard (they are also called Safehome America) for only a year now and have had 7 service calls for faulty wireless connections (which of course not their fault, we need to learn "to get over it and let them keep fixing it and we need to believe in their company" which was what I was told by one of the "Customer service" reps). Seriously, I was told to get over it and when my Valentines Day was ruined the guy had the balls to tell me that if I was his wife, he would tell her to cancel the service, but since I wasn't, I should get over it. Don't believe it when they say wireless... it really means "magnets that will fail on a dime". Their excuses were, and I quote "it is the humidity in the air, it is the moisture in the air, it is environmental, and my ultimate favorite was, maybe it is your son. My son is 2 1/2 and cant even get to his window. And the alarm goes off when we AREN'T at home so lets blame the kid. DON'T SIGN A CONTRACT... If they give you free service for all of your problems, then you still have to pay up to 30 months of UNPAID months to get out of your contract. We only paid 3 months and they consider the other 10 months as unpaid. Run, not walk, away from this company!!!
A  6th of Aug, 2007 by 
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The CT Attorney General is suing Safe Home security for contract violations.
Contact them for assistance.

A  10th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I am having some of the same problems. The customer service does not exist with this company. We signed their contract and now they treat us like dirt. When I explained I was never sent a notice and/or reminder that I would automatically renew they stated that is not how it is done. We do not have to send you anything and you are NOT GETTING OUT OF YOUR CONTRACT!! They questioned my mental state for signing a contract without reading it!! I signed the contract over three years ago. They can really get away without sending us any reminder??? They also stated they will put me in collections. Does this poor excuse for a company follow a script? Can anything be done about this? I am a NJ customer can CT help me with this? Any help would be great!! If you have not signed the contract already, RUN FRIEND - that is my best advice!!

Very upset in NJ,
Annmarie Conti.
A  18th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I hope people are smart enough to research this site before making a choice as to use this company. I signed on 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems with the technical support. I have called 7 times to have the main control module looked at as it has been giving me different status problems like "No communication" and "Low Battery" since I've had the device. I've run it through its self test and it dials out ok (even had the Customer Service call me back once after testing the phone line to tell me he received the test). I was told a tech would contact me (3 times) and I was scheduled for a visit but I have not had any contact with any tech support to fix my ongoing issue. My wife called to cancel do to me losing my job and was told the only way to do that was to pay the remaining balance off for the contract. As far as I'm concerned I shouldn't have to pay for anything I'm not getting so I guess my next step is to contact the CT Attorney General's office to see what can be done as I live in CT. So my warning is to STAY AWAY FROM SAFE HOME SECURITY, INC!!!
A  28th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I am going to be contacting NYS Attorney Generals Office as well. We had a similiar problem with this company and are still see issues on our CR reports. We terminated our contract with them per their instructions 90 days prior to end of your 3 yr commitment(07/2006), in writing. They continued to take money from my account until I place a ACH Stop payment on them. Then the continued to send us bills and each month afterwards I would contact them and tell them to stop sending me bills and that our account was close and each month i would get another bill. Finally I contact someone whom said they were the CFO and complained to them about the errouneous bills and they told me it woud stop. Well Last May (2007) I found that they had notified the CR about the outstanding amount we owed which was after our contract had expired. We contacted all the CR and told them that this company was Fraudullenty reporting and bill us for services we did not ask for. They researched it and all removed it from our CR's. Well we thought that was the end. As yearly I go and review our CR's low and behold there they are again showing us 1200 owed and 16 time 90 days late. Hmm we don't owe them a cent and this is how they continue to harass us. No only that but they also called and asked us to come back becuase we were such good customers. That was Jan 08/Feb 08 we told them no thanks and then the report on 02/08 that we are 16 times 90 days late and owe them this amount. Stay tuned as its about to get Ugly. I will find out who they have relationships with and who is the parent company and go after them. Maybe we need a Class action lawsuit. We are in NY
N  1st of Apr, 2008 by 
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Has anyone heard anything about SFI (Security Force Inc.)? I hear they are possibly an affiliate to Safe Home Securities, who by which handles the billing for them. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Any recommendations for or against them?
A  16th of Apr, 2008 by 
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We are having very similar problems. They automatically renewed our contract and they sent us a new contract with some kind of form that poses as a letter but no mention of a 60 days to cancel. Hmm??
I have contacted the lawyer in the attorney general's office who is handling the case to see if they can be of any assistance or vice versa. I have contacted Massachusetts consumer affairs. I have also contacted my state rep. BBB has dropped them as of December, 17, 2007. My husband is very concerned about his credit. We've been with them for 5 years. 15 days is the minimum required by law. Cable and phone companies can't get away with this nonsense. Why are they? I will keep complaining. This is outright theft. They are bullies too.
N  16th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I have reached a resolution at least over the phone. It is most satisfactory to me. I am waiting to receive something in writing. I should be getting it soon and if I don't then I'll be calling again rest assured.
Don't give up. Be strong. Stand for what is right.
N  3rd of Jun, 2008 by 
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We are having the same issues with Safe home. We moved out of our New England home in 6/07 and are STILL getting bills from them. We have been unable to sell our property and are still being charged monitoring for a house that is vacant. We have had to pay late fees, monthly charges, etc. They are ruthless. Can anyone please help? Please post any suggestions! We have paid hundreds of dollars to these people and feel we should get reimbursed!
A  5th of Jun, 2008 by 
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I thought I canceled my account last month, but I just got off the phone with Safe explaining that because I didn't cancel in writing 30 days before my last contract was expired I was automatically signed up for a new contract...Is that legal? Has anyone had this issued resolved? I haven't wanted service for the last 2 years! What do I do? Any advice would help!
A  18th of Jul, 2008 by 
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I worked for a corp that had safe home security. The business rented space in a retail complex. Contruction forced the company out of the space for several months. We tried calling SFS to come and remove the box, or cancel the contract. They refused. After the construction ran long, the business went bankrupt - closing the corporation. SFS continues to call and harrass ME for the bill. To my knowledge they never bothered to remove the system. It is still sitting in the middle of construction. I have contacted NYS AG office and joined in the suit again SFS. These people are relentless with the phone calls.

Also - the contract that was signed was for a company or home owner that owns their space. We were RENTERS! They screw you over. BEWARE!
A  1st of Oct, 2008 by 
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If you are trying to get out of your contract, 1st take your contract and check the installers name and make sure they were licensed in your state.Even a wireless systems in Conn. and Ma. need to be INSTALLED by a licensed system tech(the person not the company). If you go online and check out the electrician licensing board they have a list. In Ma. the tech must also carry a cert of clearance.(which is a background check).The biggest place you can check out, is your town or city to make sure a permit was taken out. In Ma. the company has 5 days to pull a permit and can be fined and loose thier license.Again even a wireless system has a power wire and requires a permit. These companies have more lawyers then service tech's.These $99 systems that safe home, adt, brinks are normally GE Simon panels, that were desgned for condo's and apartments they are nice little alarm systems for that application but are garbage for a full-size home.The reason the magnets fall off is because they didn't clean the surface.All alarm systems wired or wireless have magnetic door switches. These companies put these in because they are quick and it gets them thier monitoring fees quicker.I have been in 4000 sq. foot homes with 2 doors and a motion protecting it.Your personal protection is not thier goal but the monitoring fees are what get them excited .Being protected against breakins when your home is the most important thing to me, and these units do very little to protect against that.
A  17th of Mar, 2009 by 
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They are horrible. I had closed my business in 2006 in massachusetts this is when my 5 year contract would have been completed. I sent them a letter stating that I was going out of business and needed to cancel the service. I just received a small claims order for court for an automatic renewal of year service. Any suggestions who I should call this company is completely out of control. I have been reading several comments and CT attorney general has sued them. Please let me know if anyone else has dealt with them in small claims.
A  16th of Nov, 2009 by 
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I 'M having the same problem
A  16th of Nov, 2009 by 
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They Will not let me out of the contract, I have called many times & sent notice in wrighting. this is wrong we can't aford this bill we dont' use the alarm it dosen't work. Help?
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by 
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This is the worst company I have ever dealt with (for any service). They are rude, employ unethical billing practices, and their service and equipment is faulty. Nobody should do business with this company unless they want years of headaches and an alarm system that doesn't work!
A  10th of Dec, 2009 by 
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This company is TERRIBLE!!! I sold my home that had their security system installed in it.. I called to let them know I was moving and I was no long in need of their services. I had to jump through many hoops including sending them closing papers along with tons of other stuff, for them to tell me I had to pay an ungodly amount to get out of the contract. They have now been drafting my account for over a year now for a system that I have not been using!! I am FED up with this!!
A  4th of Feb, 2010 by 
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They are aweful to work with. They have taken advantage of my 78 year old grandmother. They gave her the option to cancel within 72 hours, and when she did, they told her that she can not cancel the contract verbally and needed to submit in writing. She has done that and now is being faced with legal action and the the "Pre-Legal Department" actually told her they were going to ruin her credit. This company is harassing her to make a payment of almost $500, and for someone that is on a fixed income, this is impossible. The system has not functioned properly since it was installed, and when I purposely set the system off, nobody even calls to check on her. What if she really had fallen and been injured. The system appears to not even be monitored. That fact there makes them in violation of their own "contract"...
A  14th of May, 2010 by 
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Same problem here...They kept billing my credit card so I disputed all the charges. Now they have sent me a bill through the mail. I think I will take it to my lawyer next week.

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