SAAmissed flight sa 0190

We were supposed to fly to Mauritius on Flight SA 0190, due to an unmanageable queue at the passport control (lack of staff) we did not even get close to making our flight( After queuing for more than two hours, we were notified that no flights would be delayed, even though as per our account at least 25 people missed the same flight, when we got to the help desk, no SAA flight was available during the time of our trip and the Manager had a very derogative and bad attitude, after a lovely lady at air Mauritius helped us we were out of pocket R16, 000 and no apology or refund was offered. On the air Mauritius flight we took at least 20 of the people that missed the SA 0190 flight were noted, thus between air mauritius and SAA at least R150, 000 worth of tickets had to be re-bought, never mind some of those could not use their return flights and had to stay over in mauritius until they could buy another ticket to get back. No boarding calls were heard and no effort made from ACSA's side to inform passengers on what to do in these situations. If SAA had any integrity, they would make an effort to refund those passengers or worst case scenario at least issue an apology.

Jan 05, 2015

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