Ryanair Lost Property Serviceextremely bad customer service

I left my purse on a flight from Rome on Tuesday, 2nd May. As soon as I got off the plane I went to Ryan air customer service desk, where I was handed a piece of paper with contact details for first flight - the company that handle lost property.

I emailed them with a complete description and contents - DVLA licence was also inside my purse - no reply 48 hrs later. Took me a whole morning to get thru to them on the phone - the phone just rang on and on - only to have to repeat everything again which I had wrote in the email to a lady with a strong accent who I had trouble communicating with!!

I was told to ring back the next day - I rang back again at 14.15 from work and promptly received a pre recorded message to say that the office was now closed - but the opening hours message says Mon- Fri 9.00am to!!! It has been a total nightmare.

The lady at the customer service desk at Stanstead was unhelpful and didn't really care about my dilemma. I am extremely upset about the whole thing and disgusted with first flight who have messed me about like nobodies business!

Will I get my purse back - I don't think so as I can't even talk to them. I shall not be flying with Ryan Air again.

May 05, 2017

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